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You can't take it and and get it fixed The cd's are jammed...Doers it give an error code?

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My 6 disc changer is stuck?

One way to get a disc unstuck from a 6 disc changer is to try to hit eject while the car is off. This sometimes forces the disc to eject.

Where is the CD changer in your 94 infinity q45?

Mine is in the trunk on the far right. You slide open the door of the changer and push the eject button located on the bottom left.

How do you get CD's out of a 6 CD changer on a Mazda 6 Bose system?

Press the CD eject button !!!

In a 2002 Lincoln Town Car where is the CD changer?

According to the 2002 Lincoln Town Car Owner Guide : If it is equipped with a 6 disc CD changer , it is in the trunk

Where is the CD changer on a 2000 Lincoln Continental?

In your center counsole, open it up and there is a black rectangle slide, slide that back and there it is, push the eject button and out pops your 6 disc CD changer.

How do you remove a CD from an alpine 6 CD changer?

To remove a CD from an Alpine 6 CD changer, hit the eject button. The button is in either the top right or top left hand corner.

How do you put CD's in the 05 Saturn ion 6 CD player?

Push the load/eject button then then number that you want to load or eject and put it in

How do you load cds in Jeep Grand Cherokee stock radio?

for the front, just slide it in the slot, for the changer, press the eject buttong and the CD holder ("cassette") will come out. Put the cds in the cassette and put the cassette back in the changer

Where is the location of the CD changer in a 1999 mercury sable ls?

The CD changer is located in the trunk - back, left-hand corner. The lid lifts up from the top and pivots towards you. Slide the cover to the right and push the button to eject the cartridge.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer CD changer won't eject?

It's because your car is a whack car. Your best choice would be to lose the piece of junk!!

What is wrong if the CD player on a 2007 Saturn ion won't eject the CD?

well oveously it is friken broken

Troubleshoot 6-CD changer for a 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara. I'm unable to load any CD's OR eject. If I try to load CD I get PRESS EJECT. Tried eject all nogo.?

I too have the same problem Brother.... Did you find any solutions ???? if so please mail me randikaratnayake @

How do you eject a CD from a windstar 6 CD changer?

Sounds like the disc mechanism is jammed...See "Related Questions" below for detailed instructions on clearing the jam

Where do you load the cd's on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

The factory installed CD changer is in the console. Open the sliding door. There is an eject button. Put 'em in, reload cartridge.

The 6 CD player in your 2000 Honda Passport jammed and now it won't eject the remaining 4 won't load and won't play any ideas on how to go about fixing it?

press the eject button and hold it until the CDs eject I had this problem with my 2001 Rodeo, it is the first sign of the CD changer taking a crap and breaking.AnswerThe first mentioned response worked for a while with me too. Eventually, I had to have the unit replaced. My CD changer was changed twice. I advise you, unless your unit is still under warranty, not to get another Honda disk changer. The second time mine failed, I replaced with a non Honday stereo/CD player and all is fine.

Why would you have to eject and reinsert the CDs in an Audiovox CD changer many times before it operates?

you may have dust or dirt on the lens of the CD player. This could make it have difficulty recognizing a disk

How do you get CD out of a Mazda tribute multi CD player?

I have a 2001 MAZDA tRIBUTE WITH A FACTORY 6 DISK CD CHANGER. Can't get cds to load or eject. Radio and cassteet player work fine.

How do you remove a CD stuck in the CD player in a 2004 Saturn Ion?

Dude i have the same exact problem i put my CD in and nothing will eject or play

What is the Gaelic for 'eject'?

In Irish Gaelic: díchuir (eject, expell; disperse,excrete); cuir amach ('put out', emit, send, etc.) caith amach (throw out, project) In Scottish Gaelic: caith a-mach (eject) tilg-a-mach (eject) as-àitich (eject/evacuate/displace) dìobair (eject/banish/abandon) fògair (eject/exile/banish)

Where at in the luggage area is the CD changer in a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

It is on the passenger side faceing the drivers side. Kind of hidden in a compartment. Slide the cover open next to the orange button. Press the button to eject.

Fix stuck CD player in Lexus 2001 RX300 Housed in glove box CD changer. Wont eject makes whirring noise. But nothing happens.?

Take it out and get a new one!!!!!

Where is the CD changer in a Peugeot 806?

To get in to the CD changer to have to go into the boot and remove the rear drivers side panel and then there is a black box, it's on two hinges pull outwards on the top until it leans out, next slide the cover over and there will be an eject button push it and the cartridge comes out. to put it back do the same as above but backwards. - Jakey5565

What can you do about a 6 disc CD changer in an 03 Eddie Bauer Expedition that won't load shows full but doesn't eject?

I have found that a lot of burnt cd's are a hair bigger in diameter and get jammed in the Ford 6 disc changer... Just remove the stereo take the cover off manually remove the disc on top then plug it back in and it should eject all the other ones unless there are more that are stuck...

What rhymes with reject?

subject eject elect selecteject

How do you say 'eject' in Russian?

Answer: извлечение (izvlechenie)