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How can you reset the BIOS password on a HP nx9010 laptop. i have tried the remove the battery system that doesn't work for me. can anyone help?


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February 28, 2011 10:17AM

"Yes. Call 784-2751, And You'll get help."

you can also get the hash key, by entering the password 3 times incorrectly then pressing F12 on the 3rd password attempt, you will get the 5 digit hash.

you can then go to this site

and download the software for your machine (hewlett packard)

and run the program pwgen-5dec.exe this will open in a DOS window if you are running windows.

the program will ask you to enter your 5 digit hash

it will then generate the master password for your machine. the password you will need is listed under the Hp/Phoenix password.

good luck!