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How can you reset the SRS light to Acura RSX 2002?


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Our cars are known to have problems with the SRS lights, well basically all Honda/Acura because the system sometimes "hiccups" and causing codes to trip the SRS light.

DISCLAIMER: Please do this at your own risk, i am not responsible for any damages that you may cause by doing this SRS DIY reset. If you do not trust yourself, please take the car to Acura Dealership and have them reset it for you, Warranty will normally cover for reset at FREE of charge. Try this DIY at your own risk.

Note: If your airbag deployed or seats has been removed or anything that may have triggered the SRS, this DIY will not work for you. All you will get is two flashes or more and the light will remain on.

Tools Material Needed:

- Standard Paperclip (or wire)

- Maybe flash light (night job)


- 1 to 5 minutes

First make sure your key is out of the ignition.

Step 1:

You can use two options in this step to use to make two contact connect together:

Paper Clip, you can use the paperclip and bend it out to where both ends are next to each other so it can be put in to two pins.[img][/img]

- or -

Regular wires, this is actually the best way to use to complete a circuit.


Step 2:

Remove the bottom panel under the dash, two twist clips which can be easily taken off. (turn counter-clockwise)


Step 3:

After the bottom panel is exposed, locate the fuse box (see drawing for location)


Step 4:

Locate the SRS plug above the fuses in the fuse box panel, you will see a yellow clip in the middle left side. It is also the ONLY plug that's yellow in the fuse box panel.


Step 5:

Unplug the clip. You should see two pin holes that you will be completing the circuit with using the paper clip or wires


Step 6:

plug the paperclip in to the 2-pin clip.


After all the Prep Work is done, here comes the steps you need to take to complete actually reset the light. TIMING MUST BE PERFECT, if the light comes back on, remove the key and repeat steps again. Read these steps first before attempting the reset.

Step 7:

With the paperclip or wires in the pins, place the key in and click to the Ingition On position II and leave it alone throughout the whole step.


Step 8:

You should hear beeps for 3 seconds, and when the beep is gone, the SRS should turn OFF.


Step 9:

QUICKLY, Take the paperclip/wires out and the light should come back on.


Step 10:

When the light comes on, QUICKLY plug the paperclip back in to complete the curcuit again, in a second or so, the SRS light should TURN off

Step 11:

At the final step here, you will remove the paperclip/wire and the light will quickly flash twice and turn off. You should wait a second or two to see if the light comes back, if so, YOU WILL NEED TO REPEAT steps 7-11 again. If not, read step 12

Step 12:

At this point, take the key out of the ignition and put the 2-pin clip back in to the proper place (same place where you took it out). Secure the bottom dash back in to place. Test out the SRS again with the Ignition Position II. It should beep then the SRS should turn off.

Quick Read DIY without pictures:

1. connect clip to yellow clip, turn key to position II

2. wait for the light to go off and remove the paper clip/wire.

3. As soon as the light turns back on, quickly connect the circuit again.

4. The light should turn back off. Remove the paperclip/wire again.

5. The light will wait a second or two before it tells you the follow word.

6. Final word is, 2 quick flashes and SRS light turns off completely.

6-A. two quick flashes and the light remains, you may be too slow or you have a short in your SRS somewhere.

7. turn off ignition and put back the clip.

Congratulations, you have successfully reset your SRS light.


Most of the errors can cause by removing items such as steering wheel, seats, seatbelts and airbags. Its very rare for a sensor in the front to go bad but if you have been in to an accident and your airbag didn't deploy but the seatbelt locked, YOU MUST replace the SRS module.

If you have aftermarket steering wheel or seats, there is a resistor that you can purchase from Radio Shack where you stick in between those where the airbag or seats suppose to be and act to complete the circuit.

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