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take it to the local BMW garage and they'll do it

take it to the local BMW garage and they'll do it

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How do you reset oil light on 1989 BMW 325i?

Reset inspection light on 1989 bmw 325i

How do you reset service engine soon light on a 2003 325i BMW?

reset service engine light on BMW 325

How do you reset the brake sensor light for a 325i BMW?

The brake pad sensor light is reset by leaving the key on engine off for about 20sec. If it does not reset retry, if it still does not reset check the wiring of the left front and right rear pad sensors

How do you reset engine check light on 1995 BMW 325i?

You need a scan tool to plug into OBD port

How do you reset coolant warning light in 325i?

you may need to replace the sensor for the coolant, there should be a wire connected to it.

How do you reset 2003 BMW 325I computer?

Check out the realted link for some advice on how to reset the computer in your 2003 BMW 325I computer.

How do you manually reset the oil change indicator light on a 1995 BMW 325i?

well best quick easy way would be to dissconnect your battery termanals and leave dissconnected for 10 mins then reconnect and it would have reset your comp if not autozone if there is one near you will reset it for free

How do you reset the change oil meter on a 2002 BMW 325i?

Turn your key to the 2nd position for 30-45 seconds (don't start the car). This should reset it.

How do you change the oil pressure sensor in a 2004 BMW 325i?

The oil pressure sensor on a 2004 BMW 325i is located on the bottom, right side of the engine. It is screwed into the block and has an output wire which sends information to the computer.

How do you reset warning light for brakes BMW 2005 325ci?

The brake warning light on a 2005 BMW 325i can be reset by connecting an OBD II code reader. It can view and clear error codes detected by the computer.

How do you reset the service engine soon light on a BMW 325i?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem (usually in the emission control system) and have codes cleared

Where is the reset button for the fuel pump located on a 2002 BMW 325I?

this is a German car, there is no "reset" button,

How do you reset a service light on a 06 BMW 325i?

many service lights on the new 3 series you cannot reset yourself, this is a software error by BMW and they are aware of this but currently no fix is available, the only way to reset it is to have a BMW technician reset it with their special service equipment.

How often need to change the fuel filter for a 2001 BMW 325i?

How often need to change the fuel filter for a 2001 BMW 325i?"

Optima battery 2004 325i?

go to a battery store

Does a 2004 BMW 325I have timing belt or chain?

it has chain

How do you reset low tire pressure light on a bmw 325i 2006?

depneding on model/yr, either thru console mounted button, or thru turn signal stalk

I have a 1995 BMW 325i and I'm getting a brake light circuit message on my display panel. What does that mean?

If it says 'Brake Light Failure' or similar, your brake light is out. change the bulb.

How many gallons is a 2004 BMW 325i gas tank?

An e46(2001-2006) 325i/xi has a 16 gallon gas tank

How many amps cca is a 2004 BMW 325i battery?


What size wiper blade 2004 325i BMW?

I do not see the 2004 BMW 325i listed in aftermarket catalogs which suggests its a dealer-only part number. Since you have to go to the dealer, they can get you the correct parts.

Oil change reset light on a 1989 BMW 325i?

i know that to reset all the the green bars/yellow or red service lights on my 1989 318i i need to take it to a BMW repair shop and they open the hood and stick this weird looking Lightsabre-handle thing into a plug and it resets the lights on the dashboard. im sure its the same for all BMW's.

BMW 325i warning lights?

on the dashboard of my 2005 325i BMW there is a warning light that is not shown in my manual. the entire car is light up, and at the back left rear there is a red lamp light. To above statement: A light is out and needs to be replaced.

How do you change the front turning signal light bulb in 2004 BMW 325i?

I just did that, dont listen to the other topic "how to change front turning light for bmw323 ". the 325i and 323i are deff. there is no such a clip for 325i. what you need to do, is go to buy a new bulb, about $5 for a pair at kragen, then open your hood, touch nothing else, just find the closest hole to the turning light asembly, you can see there is a screw in a basket-like thing, un-screw it, (dont pull it out, it will be hard to put it back, jsut leave it there on the half way, the asembly will be out if you drag it a little bit, (the yellow lense), that's it. remember touch nothing else, really no need.

How do you read oil level of 2004 BMW 325i oil dipstick?


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