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Restoring your iPod is like pressing the giant reset button. Restoring will completely wipe out everything from your iPod. You will lose all data from your iPod when restoring it.

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Q: How can you restore your ipod without losing any data like games?
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How do you delete loading apps for iPad without losing data?

You cannot delete apps without losing the associated data. The app space and the data are essentially one.

How do you format disk with out losing data?

you can not format a disk without losing the data, so back up all of your data elsewhere before formatting.

What is the difference between PC restore and system restore?

hi, PC restore means where the PC is restored to the original factory defaul settings when you received the computer from the vendor without the OS being installed or the drivers system restore is where the everything is allready loaded and working and for some reason there is some system issue or application issue then we can restore the system or the computer to the last date or time when the computer was functioning fine without losing any data.

Is there a way to migrate from FAT to NTFS without losing data?

No, there is not.

Can you partion a disk that has an operating system on it without losing data?


How do you merge cells without losing data?

Combine the data within the cells to be merged before merging them.

Can system restore damage your computer?

No it wont. The point of System Restore is to restore your system to a workable state without you having to reinstall the operating system and lose your data files in the process.

How do you downgrade from ios 9.2 to 9.0 without losing any data?


How do you reset the pin code without putting it in?

U have 2 restore it and erase all of its data

How can you restore a jailbroken ipod touch without deleting the data?

Its not possible to restore without deleting data..Restoring the iPhone will erase everything on it, so make sure everything on the iPhone is backed up prior to restoring.

How to reinstall windows XP without losing any files and data?

To reinstall Windows XP without losing any files and data, a back up disk should be created first. Windows XP is obsolete so it might not be possible to reinstall it without a program disk.

Can you jailbreak an iPod without losing data?

if it already has data on it you will not loose any of it but i prefer jailbreaking as soon as you get your apple device

How do you hit the data restore log?

You hit the data restore log by pushing a combination of keys on your computers keyboard. This will bring up the data restore log and allow you to restore any files you may have accidently deleted.

How do you unlock Samsung Galaxy player 5.0 without losing all the data?

Use a key

How can you format a usb flashdrive without losing your data?

If you have both a laptop and a computer, you can transfer the data on either of them and format from the other. Then when you're ready, put the data on the USB again.

How do you reinstall Windows XP after some software destroyed some files and drivers on the computer without erasing previously installed remaining data?

Use the following commands in Windows XP: Start, Run, type sfc /scannow This will restore all Windows files and drivers back to their original condition, without losing or erasing information.

Why do scientists create graphs?

Because scientists want to record their data and findings without losing their information...

Can you do system recovery without losing data?

You can try that with some tools but if you have lost some important data then I'll suggest you to visit an expert for your HDD data recovery.

What happens when you reset software for wii?

When you reset you Wii gaming system you run the risk of losing saved and unsaved data. Typically resetting the system will restore the system to the original format.

Can you get games on your phone without a data plan?


How do you open a computer when paasword is lost?

You could use the restore CD that came with it to restore the computer to new condition, losing all data. There are special CD's that can be used to obtain the password. A computer shop or computer expert would likely have one or know where to get it.

How do you restore backed up data on kies to Samsung galaxy s2 Cyanogen-mod.... I backed up my contacts Memo Messages but when I put Cyanogen I couldn't restore backed data on Kies?

To restore your backed up on data on Kies simply go the app and choose the restore option.

Why do you keep losing your save data on Pokemon games?

Because the battery is dead in the game preventing the game from saving.

When is a data restore performed?

When the computer crashes and you lose your data.

Can you erase and sync your ipod without losing all your data?

Well yea I guess butt dont tr¥ 1t