How can you restore your trust again after your spouse cheated the second time?


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don't trust because if its the second time the chance has gone and so is the trust

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No, once a spouse has cheated they have broken that bond of trust even though humans are not perfect and can make one mistake by cheating on their spouse. The spouse that was cheated on will always have that hurt tucked away in the back of their minds and be very wary of their spouse cheating again. However, many times a spouse may cheat; that bond of trust broken, but if it was just a one time issue then the married couple can still have a good strong marriage if they work on their communication skills and are honest with each other regarding their feelings.

If the spouse really loves the person that cheated then they should give a 2nd chance to other. But if they cheat again then that's when you pull out the "sharp stuff"

confront him and leave him! or atleast threten to xx

he may be getting bored. try something more interesting in bed.

No. He or she could do it again. Unless you love them so much that you can't stand living without them. I wouldn't though.

Humans are not perfect and a woman may have only cheated once and will never do it again. You cannot judge a person by past deeds when it comes to love. If they have learned their lesson well from their mistakes they will probably never cheat again and make a good spouse. The other question is ... what if the man has cheated himself! Why would a woman take a chance on him.

Great question! But also important is how can you every trust him again. Ultimately, the answer to both questions is simple to express, but hard to do. You need to be able to "forgive" the infidelity.

no! if they cheated on you, there not loyal enough to trust! theyll just do it again probly no! if they cheated on you, there not loyal enough to trust! theyll just do it again probly

You can trust your spouse again by simply starting t believe in them and by stop doubting them.

Not for a second. If you tolerate that, you cannot complain when it happens again. He needs to leave her alone or you need to leave him.

restore restore,refurbish,recycle

If your spouse has only cheated once then realize that people are only human and they can make mistakes, but can also learn from their mistakes and if they confess without being prodded to the cheating or they feel remorseful and want to save the marriage then seek marriage counseling to learn tools to strengthen the marriage. If your spouse has cheated more than once then they probably are non committal and will cheat again no matter what they promise. As humans we do not even know ourselves 100% so we cannot be expected to know another person 100% and by being together it is a risk, but time will tell.

After the first time you found out is the time you should have sat down with your spouse and talked things out and let him know you are not putting up with his cheating. After eight times he feels quite free to do this to you over and over again. Kick this spouse to the curb if he will not go for marriage counseling.

say ignore them if they do it again

Well if he has did it once then most likely he will do it again,it depends on what type of guy he is.

You can't know for sure 100% any more than you can say you may cheat sometime in the future. Sometimes people make mistakes because humans aren't perfect. If your spouse only cheated the once and admitted to it then it's time to sit down and communicate. If you feel the reasons are valid and you haven't been keeping up your end of the relationship as well as you should then this person deserves a second chance. Trust is earned! Since your spouse broke that trust it will take awhile to trust them again. It is up to you to decide if your spouse is worth staying with, but, if you both stick it out then COMMUNICATION is a must and some counseling. If you have children then it's important to try.

it depends on if you can tell how your spouse has cheated on you. ANSWER: In my own opinion, there are some married man who do change after they get caught cheating. Some will loose their self respect because of the pain they've given to their wife and family. Some will be ashamed because he took away the faith that God gave to him. But there are some who never cared if cheating will ruin his wife and family, after a while he will do it again. And I can put my ex on this category...ditto!!

* If your spouse has been true to you then you are a highly jealous person and need to seek psychological counseling before you completely destroy your relationship with your spouse. If your spouse has cheated on you then it will take many months; possibly years to ever trust them again. Once trust is broken it is difficult to get back. Seek marriage counseling and the two of you should learn the tools to survive in your relationship if you really love each other.

The key word in your question was 'affairs.' This indicates your spouse has had more than one affair and you need to get tough! You are in charge of your destiny and only you can decide what makes you happy. Letting a spouse get away with cheating more than once is enabling their behavior and hurting you over and over again. When a spouse cheats once that can be human and a mistake, but when a spouse keeps cheating this is a lack of respect to their spouse. This is when the spouse who is being cheated on gets tough and has a zero tolerance level. Give your spouse the option of going to marriage counseling and if they cheat one more time then you are filing for divorce. Do not settle for less for yourself by forgiving and it is not true that a person who has been cheated on ever forgets it. That bond of trust between the two has been broke and in this case multiple times.

It is human nature not to trust any one that has once betrayed you. This is completely understandable. There is a reason not to believe a person if they say they will change however once you are able to forgive them it will be much easier to take them back. Forgiveness is supposedly the gateway to happiness. So if you forgive him you will be less angry that your spouse cheated. It is right to give people second chances and if love is pure as it is supposed to be he will not cheat again.

Well if she asked forgiveness, and promised not to do it again. Forgive her.

fess up. And don't do it again.

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