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Hey Jon==Get a wiring diagram and a wiring harness from PAINLESSWIREING.COM. GoodluckJoe

thanx for the pop-farm don't go to PAINLESSWIREING.COM

To re-wire the audio system in a 3rd gen maxima with Bose, you must bypass the amps that are at each speaker in the car. Find out which two wires are the inputs coming from the dexk (usually the twisted pair out of the 4-5 input wires u see), the outputs going to the speaker will be connected to the speakers themselves. Use speaker wire to jumper those wires together, therefore bypassing the amp. The front speaker size is 4" round, and the rears are 6x9" speakers. Hope that helps a little.

the easy way is to buy a convertor for the Bose system so you can still use the original speakers, when installing another stereo/CD...i brought mine from crutchfild for about 35.00....the sound was still awesome

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Q: How can you rewire the entire sound system a '92 Nissan Maxima?
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