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How can you search the web?


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In order to search the web one must find a search engine or web directory. A Directory is run by humans who manually edit its pages and contents. Search engines are software applications created by humans to automate the process of searching through sites and storing them in an index to be searched through later by humans. All one has to do is select appropriate terms for what he or she is searching for and submit them to a directory search or a search engine.

This is one of the best human edited directories that is partly run by AOL search. - Google Search - Yahoo Search - Microsoft Windows Live Search - Search

These are some popular search engine programs created to put together site listings automatically and then allow people to search through them later.

You will need to use a search engine to search the web. You can't live without one. Search engines work differently from each other but basically they do the same tasks like scouring the internet and saving the information they found on their database, keeping an index on the information they found, and where they found them, and allow users to search to look for words or combination of words that are saved in that index.