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Here is the search engine: You can limit your search to just answered questions.

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Q: How can you search this entire site for questions previously answered about a specific problem?
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Give an example of an inequality?

these two questions should be answered differently because the one problem has numbers in the other problem this one does not include i think that these 2 questions should be answered differenetly.....

How is general and specific questions of a research problem formulated?

to test the product

Why do none of my questions EVER get answered?

There are MANY questions out there on this website, it takes time for MANY of them to be answered, you're not the only one who has this problem like some. I would if it has not been answered, send it to someone or find the closest relevant answer and use that as a base and wait a little longer before YOUR question is answered.

How do you solve this problem On a test Richard answered 80 of the questions right or 76 How many questions are on the test?

80/x = 0.76 80/.76 = x x = 105 questions

How do you fix a broken MP3 player?

It depends on what your problem is. You have to be more specific in order for your question to be fully answered.

How do you fix a drivers side window on a Chevy blazer?

Need to identify the specific problem before this question can be answered.

Which website is used for quick question and answer responces like Yahoo Ask used to be?

Aardvark is great for getting fast answers to questions. Questions answered on Aardvark are usually answered in a few minutes - and you are notified immediately when Aardvark finds an answer. The only problem is that difficult questions asked on Aarvark may not be answered at all, but the same is true for almost any Q&A site.

How are algebra questions set up?

there are many ways to set up an algebra problem be more specific

Sophia correctly answered 70 percent of the questions on her last math test If Sophia correctly answered 42 questions how many questions were on the test?

There were 60 questions on the test. In order to solve this problem, set up the equation 42 = .70 * X, where X is the number of questions on the test. This essentially tells you 70% of what number (X) is 42. Divide 42 by .70 and you will get an answer of 60.

Who are the rap stars in the cult called Illuminati?

Questions similar to this have been previously answered. The problem is it cannot be answered. All that can be offered is an explanation: The secret, world controlling group gullibly referred to as the Illuminati does not exist. It was made up for God knows what reasons. This does not change the fact that it is fiction, the stuff of stories. Because the Illuminati does not exist, it only follows that no rap artists are members of the "cult."

What are differences between problem statement and research question?

Problem statement is clear, specific & feasible statement that the problem exists. It has evidences of variables that led to problem.Research Question are those that the researcher would like to answered or addressed in the study.

Does the website Wikianswers have a problem in answering questions?

The users answer questions, not the site. If no-one is answering your question, try re-wording it or putting it in a more relevant category. Also, there are some types of questions that will not be answered as a matter of policy. Those asking for private information (e.g. "What's the phone number of (celebrity name)?"), for example, will specifically not be answered.

What is the meaning of posing a question?

Posing a question is to raise a question, to bring attention to a problem. It does not have to be directed to a specific person and cannot always be answered immediately.

How much is it to fix a stair case railing?

This question is much too vague to be answered reasonably. If there is a specific problem with the railing, please identify it and rephrase the question.

Are the questions the wrong questions that are being asked?

No, all questions have an answer. Well, most do. If the question doesn't make sense, and it's grammar makes the littlest of sense that it cannot be modified to make it more reasonable, the question is unable to be answered. Some questions are inappropriate which, will be deleted by a Supervisor if they see it or a contributor will tell a Supervisor about the problem.

How many questions were right if you got 92 percent and there were 28 questions?

Designate the number of correctly answered questions as r. From the problem statement, r = 92 % of 28 = 0.92(28) = 25.76. If partial credit is allowed, this probably means that there were 25 questions completely right and one more that was considered three-fourths right.

If you had a test with 60 questions and you answered 80 percent correctly how many questions did you answer corectly?

You would have answered 48 of 60 questions correct. To figure out a mathematical problem like this again here is how you set up the equation: First, you need to know how many you answered correct out of 60. The unknown value is then X. X /60 Second, you know you achieved a percentage of 80%. This means, in other words, if there were 100 questions you would have answered 80 correctly. (The ratio for percentages is something over 100). 80/100 You now have your equation!! X/60 = 80/100 Start by multiplying 80 by 60 to isolate the variable (X). X = 4800/100 Simplify the equation. X=48 There is your answer!! In order to achieve a score of 80% you would have answered 48 of 60 questions correctly. :-)

Describe a situation where you helped a customer solve a problem?

This question will need to be answered based on a person's own personal experience. The employer will want to know what the specific person has done.

How come every time I use WikiAnswers you guys can never answer any of my questions?

The questions on WikiAnswers are not answered instantaneously; nobody is that good. The most common problem is that you haven't written the question properly e.g. bad spelling or grammar (as this question itself demonstrates).

Can flagged questions be answered or do they need to be unflagged first?

No, you do not need to remove the flagging before answering a question.When do you remove the flag?If you are convinced that you have solved the problem of why the answer was flagged, please do remove the flag after you have fixed the answer.

84 percent of 96?

Come on! Your computer has a calculator. 96*.84=80.64. WTF??? Whomever answered with this ^^^, you are wrong. The correct answer is 87.50%. This is the problem when just -anyone- can answer questions. They do NOT always know the correct answer.

What is the difference between an issue and a problem?

the difference is a problem can be solve while an issue will continue to become an issue when answered.. Oscar :-) an issue is something that takes more time to fix, but is really just an annoyance because you know a solution as soon as you find the issue. A problem is when you uncover a potential issue, and you don't know how to fix it. A problem is something that has a clear answer. A issue is something that causes debate and divides people. Example: They are similar because both problems and issues cause debate, concern, and conflict. Some issues can be broken into smaller problems that can be solved by asking questions that can be answered easily. Problems typically can be solved by asking, how can something be solved. If it can be answered then the problem is solved. If the problem cannot be answered easily and people are divided over the problem then it becomes an issue . A good example of a problem is that people who drive drunk cause accidents. An example of an issue is lowering the drinking age to 18. This cannot be solved with an easy answer. Is a teenager as responsible or mature as an adult? Some will argue they are and others will argue they are not. Should a law be passed that allows 18 year old kids the right to hang out in bars with people twice or triple their age? Is this a safe situation that should be allowed? None of these questions are easy to answer, the issue needs to be narrowed down so that each specific question can be answered, discussed, and made manageable. A health problem might be an illness; a health issue might be something like banning tobacco or shutting down factories that pollute the air.

Were is the heater lock out switch located in a 01 Ford Taurus?

Not exactly sure what a "heater lock out switch" is... Check out the "Related Questions" below for a couple of good questions/answer that might help guide you to more specific details on your problem.

What do you say if you are asked 'What is your job objective'?

This can't be answered in a general way. It needs to be specific to your industry and personal career goals. Do some serious introspection. Before thinking about what an interviewer wants to hear, think about what you really mean. Write questions and answers out as if you were interviewing yourself. If you understand yourself you will have no problem communicating what you really think to others.

What do You do if Your Laptop Gets Blue Screen?

This questions is far to general. you will need to post something more specific, such as "my laptop has got power, but does not turn on" or whatever the problem may be.