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How can you see UFOs?

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Most sightings are the result of luck, the right place at the right time. There is no pattern or any way to predict when UFOs appear.

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Are UFOs extinct?

No, UFOs are not technically extinct, they are just rare to see.

Where can you find a website about UFOs?

Please see the Related Links.

When is the time to see ufos?

There isn't a specific time, it is at random.

Were there ufos in 1928?

It's been said that there have been UFOs and extraterrestrails since the beginning of time. Early visitors that helped build monuments, and basically start civilization. Since there have been people to see them, there have been UFOs.

What do smart blondes an ufos have in common?

you always hear about them but you never see them

Where does UFO comes from?

I think that UFOs come from space and that UFOs ARE real!! If you see something move or moving in the sky,then report it emedeatly!! UFO stands for `Unidentified Flying Object`!!

What evidence do you have that UFOs dont exist?

I guess the strongest evidence for not believing in UFOs would be that they haven't landed and introduced themselves. For some people to believe they would have to see the beings.

Is there really ufos in gta san andreas?

no u can sometimes see shooting stars

Are UFOs seen in Antarctica?

Where humans and alcohol are, UFOs will be.

What is correct UFOs or UFO's?

the correct answer is UFOs thanks for asking

Are there white UFOs?

There have been reports of sightings of white UFOs.

What is the study of UFOs called?

Someone who studies UFOs is a Ufologist

Where can you find the most ufos or aliens?

Aliens, by definition, primarily reside in space or in the planets inside of space. Should you want to find UFOs, the best bet is to situate yourself by some sort of experimental aircraft base and hide from yourself the fact that the UFOs you see are likely experimental aircraft.

Who are people that study about ufos?

The ones who study UFOs are called Ufologist. They study every thing about unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Where can you get information about UFOs?

Please check the related links for information about UFOs.

How high can UFOs go?

UFOs can go as high as your imagination allows.

Are humans inside of UFOs?

Since UFOs are unidentified, it is unknown what is inside of them.

Why are there UFOs in the sky?

When UFOs are seen, they are in the sky because they are flying objects.

If UFOs exist what does that mean for religion?

Perhaps UFOs are at the very heart of religion. A website that contains a wealth of well- documented information on this question can be found at The Bible UFO Connection website (see related link)

Did Neil Armstrong see ufos?

Not really, but some people like to make up stories about the astronauts.

Are there UFOs in France?

People have reported sightings of UFOs in France, but there is no proof of their existence.

How has UFOs landed?

Like flying machines on Earth, UFOs are equipted with landing gear.

How do you spell the word ufos or UFO's?

Because UFO is an abbreviation, UFO's or UFOs is correct.

Is there any proof of real aliens?

kinda sorta we always see UFOs and such so i guess you can say yes to that

Why does the government shoot down UFOs?

Since the governments of the world refuse to admit that there are UFOs I doubt they have shot one down because that would have caused some sort of fire/explosion/debris for the civilian population to find or see.

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