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Well, how I would do it is hug them and then wait for a little longer than usual (you would normally hug someone for a second or two - but hang on to them longer). Then just see their reaction - they will be embarrassed (more than likely a good sign), be weirded out (this might mean they don't like you or that they don't like hugs), be happy (definitely a good sign!) or they might just be oblivious and not care. They might even want to hug for longer and not let you go ;). Hope that helped at all. I don't know. At times I try to figure this out myself. This guy I'm crazy about hugs me, but hugs me with only one arm, what does that mean? And he kisses me on my forehead. If he only likes me as a friend, why hug me at all and why kiss me then? I don't kiss other guys that are my friend. I don't even hug them either.

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Q: How can you see if a guy likes you by a random hug?
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What does it mean when a random guy asks you for a hug?

did he have a sign saying free hugs cause if he did he was probably the guy on the news in sydney or somewhere like that, but you can see him on youtube maybe he want to be your friend(positive thinking)

There is a guy at my school and i dont know if he likes me. We hug and pretend to do stuff but i don't know if he is into me. How do i know if he is?

well you can see if he is really hazing at you or if he is hanging out with other girls

He blushed when you hugged him?

then he likes you ! or he was embarrassed by the situation, next time you hug him see how he acts or if he blushes aain - it should be easy to see if he likes you then.

What signs are that a boy likes you Easy one is that for some random reason he wants to get your attention a lot?

he's always asking for hug, when ever he see's you he smiles. and consistently wants to start a conversation.

Does a guy like you if sometimes he hugs you when you see each other but sometimes he doesn't?

maybe but he may just trying to be a friend if he doesn't hug your friends well then i think he likes you

What does it mean when a guy hugs your leg?

Probably he likes you or something. When guys hug your leg it means that they are too scared to actually hug your body which means they have deep major crushes on you. See if he hugs your friends leg, he might like her too but probably not

What should you ask a guy to see if he likes you?

If he likes you back

What do you do if a you like a guy and different guy likes you and he ask you out and you are not sure whether to go out with the guy that ask you or just wait and see if the other guy likes you?

say yes and see how it goes and after a week or so see if you like him

Why would your guy friend hug every girl he knows but not you and when he doesn't see you anymore and one day when you visit he hugs you and seems to be more sincere?

He probably likes you and Misses you when your gone

What do you do if you like a guy but a different guy announces he likes you?

Let the guy who likes you know you already have interest in some one else. First you should see if the guy you like, likes you back. If he doesn't, see if there is something good between you and the guy that likes you. "It is better to be with some one who loves|likes you then to love|like some one who doesn't love|like you."

What does it mean when your talking to a guy on facebook and hes like you should hug ne tomorrow then you tell another guy kinda to see what it means and he says can i have one to?

it means that they both want a hug from you

What do you do if your not sure a guy likes you?

Kiss them and see what they do

There is a guy in my school he looks at me but i don't know is likes or not?

ask him and see if he likes you

How can you tell that a guy is telling the truth when he tells you that somebody else likes you?

see if the guy looks right at you if he does then he is probably telling the truth if not he is probably the guy who likes you.

How do you hug a guy and make him really like it?

You have to feel out body language and see what kind of person he is. A quick, friendly hug is always a good start to see how he is feeling and whether he wants to be hugged or not.

If a guy asks you for a hug and plays with your hair is it considered flirting?

Well it could mean that but it couldn't. If he continues doing stuff like this than probrably. Possibly you could ask why he wanted to hug you. Someone did a similar thing and he said he was having a contest with his friend to see who could get the most hugs. (Random right.)

If your friend likes someone and that boy likes you what do you do?

the you start to flurt with that guy so that your friend will see that he likes you and you like him!

You cant even talk or start a friendly or random conversation with the guy you like what do you do?

well im sorry but if you can't say anything then your screwed buut you try to see what he likes and talk about that to him

What do you do when you see your guy friend hug a girl twice in front of you but you kind of like him?

Absolutely nothing.

What do you do when the guy you like likes you but tries to hide it?

if you can see it ,say it out and see what he will tel you.

What if you were going out with this guy and he dumps you and he starts stareing at you all the time and then randomly taps you on the shoulder what does that mean?

he still likes you is my guess. but if u really want to test the waters. get another guy (such as a guy friend) to do u a favor....and hug him and see if ur ex gets jelous or wat. if he does...then he probably still likes/loves you. I think he just misses the attention you give him and you need to let him know that either he likes you or doesnt and the world doesnt revolve around him.

What does it mean if a guy does things that make you blush and he says that he only does it to see your expression and that he likes it?

he likes you

If a guy says he is glad to see you does it mean he likes you?


What does it mean when a guy is always trying to see you?

It means he likes you.

How do you know if a guy likes you and you dont see him?

Your friend tells you.