How can you self induce vomiting without gagging?

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The AMA and USFDA used to recommend using Syrup of ipecac. That product no longer made and is not available in the U.S. It was determined that the dangers far outweighed what studies showed were negligible positives. Of people who ingested poison, they could not prove that those who took Ipecac and vomited fared any better than those who did not take the Ipecac.

If you need Poison Control assistance, call them with information about what was swallowed. They will tell you what you need to do.
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How do you induce vomiting?

Answer . =. = IPECAC! It works SO well!just don't drink too much, it can hurt you. its found in the baby/drug section of any pharmacy. wanna see ipeceac's affects? type i

How do you induce vomitting?

Drink lots of water or other liquid. Lie down so that your mouth is lower than your stomach then drink the liquid through a straw, while lying down. When you've drunk enough o

How can you induce vomiting?

The most common way to induce vomiting is to stick one's fingerdown the throat and gag oneself. It is also said that drinking asolution of mustard and water will induce vomiti

Why does gagging cause vomiting?

Its a natural reflex in the body. Its not natural if you're intentionally doing it to make yourself throw up though.

If you try to gag how is vomiting optional?

It really isn't at that point. If you are tyring to make yourself gag, it probably will end in vomiting as it is a natural and un-controlled reflex to gag and then vomit.

How do they self-induced vomiting?

I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is a place to provide information to help others and to educate others. Promoting methods on how to self-induce vomiting (a sign of the dagerous and

Gagging and vomiting is known as what?

Regurgitation.. In terms of eating disorders, these symptoms would suggest a condition called bulimia. Whereas sufferers of anorexia refuse to eat any food, sufferers of this

Eating disorder that involes self induced vomiting?

it's called bulimia.... you will damage the gallbladder, than have to get it removed.. also you can cause your teeth to rot out ,and be all discolored... this disease never en

Why is your puppy gagging and vomiting?

my brand new puppy is vomiting and gagging why ???? i just bought him yesterday from a place outside of walmart !!! help Jamaica plzzz !!! ANSWER: TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO A VETE
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How bad is purging also known as self induced vomiting?

Never purge unless instructed by a doctor to do so (if you haveswallowed something poisonous accidentally, etc). Purging regularly - as in the illness bulimia - is extremely