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I would suggest selling on the internet. there is over 100 listings of sites where you can list it. You must send it to a FFL for your pur4chaser. Gun broker . com is but one. contact them and they will walk you through the process.

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What is the value of an 1834 Springfield mussel loader shot gun?

I have an 1834 Springfield mussel loader shot gun and would like to know the value of it, and am willing to sell it.

Were to buy a self loader tow truck?

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What is a Winchester X150 muzzle loader worth?

I haven't seen one sell for over $200 in a while.

Current value of model 1897 Winchester pump shotgun made in new haven Connecticut serial 310144?

Your gun was made in 1905, and in good condition a "plain jane" 97 will sell in the range of $500 to $700.

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Are parts available for a 1907 Stevens Model 70 Visible Repeater Rifle?

As with many Stevens rifles of the first half of the 1900s, different reference books offer different dates of manufacture. It's usually accepted that the Visible Loader #70 was manufactured from 1907 into the early 1930s. It was last assembled from remaining parts in 1941 after parts production had ceased several years earlier. Sometimes called the "Miserable Loader," this gun can be found in good condition for $150 to $275 dollars. Ones with higher prices never seem to sell. Needing some work, they can be found for as little as $50.

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Can a dealer sell a gun with no serial number?

In the US, firearms weren't required to have serial numbers until 1968. A gun before then is grandfathered in. They may not, however, receive or sell a firearm with the serial number removed (whether it was made before or after 1968).

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I skid loader is used to load large crates and boxes, or things that need stacked and weigh a lot. They sell for quite a bit of money and are an industrial supply, in good condition they are worth a few thousand dollars, maybe more.

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What do they sell for

I have an Excel .410 ga. shotgun with serial?

What does this gun sell for?

Can you sell your gun with serial removed?

I think this is illegal and I think you arent allowed to sell to anyone not licences as checks need to be made

Is there a site for game serial numbers?

Yes, the game manufacturer usually has a site to sell you a serial number. WikiAnswers will not assist with software piracy.

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What is the worth of a sks rifle serial number 66471 made in china?

these sell for about $250

What is the approximate age of a Stevens Arms Co 22 cal visible loader pat date Apr 30 1907?

I also have one, don't want to sell (to much fun to shoot) just would like to know where to maybe find some history about it. Thanks These were made between 1907 and 1932. All Hat No Horse Thanks apprecate the info LML

What is the value of a 22 S-L-LR J Stevens Arms Co Chicopee Falls Mass USA visible loading repeater patented April 30 07?

The Stevens Visible Loader, sometimes called the "Miserable Loader" because of its tendency to malfunction, was made from 1907 well into the 1930s. They are fairly common guns on on-line auction sites and at gunshows. Value depends on condition and exact model. Most were the Model 70 and today bring $100 to $400. Models with fancy sites, pistol-grip stock and other embellishments can carry price tags of up to $600 if in great condition, but they are slow to sell at that price. An "average" price" is $250 to $325.

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Want to look up serial numbers 31374 and 533148 Colt model of 1911 USArmy?

serial # 31374 made 1913 serial# 533148 made 1918 If you sell one let me know your price...............

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Chances are you can find equipment like this for sale on eBay. Many people sell used farming equipment on this site.