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How can you sell a shirt design?

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I work in a school board leadership department, and we need custom shirts for many events. This is the site I use:

It's very good for designing shirts for yourself, and you can also sell your designs through the site for free!

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Can you use plain fruit of the loom t-shirt with your own design to sell?

can yoou use plain fruit of the loom t-shirts with your own design logo to sell

How do you DIY your own shirt design?

You can either find the shirt design or be creative! In the end, you are the one wearing the shirt. So find a style you love! If you are afraid of how the shirt design will turn out, buy or practice on a shirt that you don't care if it may get ruined.

Can you use plain fruit of the loom t shirt with your own design to sell?

Yes I think you could maybe but what do i know

Where can I find a t shirt design website?

You can find a t shirt design website on You can submit any appropriate t shirt design and can even win contests and get your shirt printed for free.

Where can you design your own shirt and buy it?

you can design your own shirt and have it tailor made at myownshirts [dot] com

What are madras shirt?

It is a shirt made of wool or cotton and a plad design

How can you design your own shirt in the uae?

You can design your own shirt and have it tailor made at myownshirts [dot] com. They will then deliver to UAE.

Can you put copyright symbol on a design for t-shirt?

If the design meets the minimum requirements for copyright protection, yes.

Where can you sell a 'copyright' t-shirt design?

If you control the copyright, anywhere. If you don't control the copyright, and don't have a license, nowhere.

What color shirt will match light gray pants?

a black shirt with a gray design

What are ways that I can sell an original shirt design?

Some ways to advertise your own tee shirt is to start a website and people can buy directly from you. Another option is to have it on shopping websites, such as eBay or Amazon, where you can upload images and set pricing on them.

What T-shirt design jobs are available?

Their are many t-shirt design jobs available. Some of them are t-shirt designer, t-shirt maker and many more. One can find and apply to all available t-shirt jobs by visiting an employment center.

What is the paper called that you can print a design on and then add it to a t shirt?

t shirt transfer paper.

How do you sell stuff on roblox when your builders club?

Make a T-shirt (such as an Admin) or a shirt.

Where can you buy a Barcelona shirt?

One can buy a Barcelona shirt at the stores of FC Barcelona or its official website. The stores and site sell Barcelona shirts with the football club logo and design. Price ranges from $18 to $36 depending on the style and material.

Weight of a shirt?

The weight of a shirt depends on its' design, fabric and size. The average weight of a shirt would be between 150 and 240 grams.

What website can you create your own shirt?

You can design your own shirt and have it tailor made at myownshirts [dot] com.

How do you sell things on stardoll?

If you want to sell your things you must be a superstar! if your a super star you can sell your stuff. How to find it? its under design, its called design and sell!

How do you sell a shirt in roblox?

You have to have Builders Club.

What is the difference between an oversized t-shirt and a t-shirt dress? this my design it will by nice to see it

How do you make and sell t-shirts on roblox?

To make a t-shirt go into my stuff, T-shirts, create T-shirt. Then upload your decal and click create to create a t-shirt. To sell a t-shirt you need to be in Builders Club. If you are, click on your t-shirt in My Stuff, and then click edit. From here you can choose how much to sell it for as well as whether to sell it for tickets, robux, or both.

Can you cut up a t-shirt and reuse the design on something else like a quilt and sell that?

Yes, as long as you made the original design. If you did not, you will likely be sued for copyright infringement. If you purchase a T-shirt, the copyright owner of the design has no further right to regulate anything you do with it, as long as you do not make your own copies. On the other hand, some designs may also be protected as trademarks and that would be a different question.

What ink and paper should I use to make a custom T-shirt?

Avery makes transfer sheets that are printable using your regular inkjet printer. You print the design that you want on the shirt and then iron it onto the shirt. They work well, but aren't quite as durable as a manufactured shirt design; you especially need to be careful when drying them.

How do you print a T-shirt with a normal printer?

You can buy special t-shirt transfer paper that you can use with a regular printer, print out the design on to the paper and then iron the design on to the tshirt

Where can you design a shirt for your youth group?

Either you can go to a artist/graphic designer and they will give you a design or if you have an artist in your youth group they could draw up a design that has a speacial meaning to the group. Then you can scan that image into photoshop and send it to company who does shirt printing.