How can you send back a virus to the person that sent it to you?

This isn't something you'd want to do.

First, the return e-mail addresses on many Internet viruses are faked. It's part of the virus: stealing innocent people's e-mail addresses and using them as the return addresses to add to the confusion.

Second, if someone you know sent it to you, they almost certainly did it accidentally. They may be less technically well-informed than you, but they're no less innocent. And besides, their computer is already infected.

That would be illegal and would lower you to the same level as the person who sent it to you. Is it worth it to go to jail for that?


You don't. Distributing computer viruses is illegal. Period.

Most of the time, the 'person who sent it to you' is either unknown due to masking and spoofing techniques, or simply another innocent victim who has no idea their machine has been forwarding the virus.

You're best best is to learn more about viruses at site such as Learn why they are created, how they work, and what you can do to prevent infection.

true, may be innocent.

And plus if you send it back to the creator, he may get mad then decide to have a war with you, and you will probaly lose so dont bother

very good and true from first poster here.

we all should move to eliminate viruses, not spread them about, delete it, kill it, DONT resend it.

also you may be intresed to know now that most countries, carry a very hefty prison sentence for distributiing virusus, so you may want to think about that one to.

you also like above would be beter off going reading up on them, and not go the way of the media...and think its the worse thing since the plaugue....they are not, learn about them and DONT send them.I like to have the home address to go visit them wit a shotgun