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Gunpowder is a mixture of nitre (potassium nitrate) , sulphur and charcoal

Name of the method- filteration , evaporation and solvent extraction.


1) Put the constituents in water. nitre will dissolve in water.

2) Filter the soln.

Filterate- water+nitre

Residue - sulphur+charcoal

3) Perform evaporation on the filterate.

Water will evaporate leaving nitre.

Solvent extraction-

4) Put the residue in carbon disulphide.

Sulphur will dissolve in this soln.

5) Filter the soln.

Filterate-carbon disulphide+sulphur

Residue- charcoal

6) Perform evaporation on the filterate.

carbon disulphide evaporates leaving sulphur.

in the form of a paragraph:-

Answer: Gunpowder is a mixture of sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate (nitre). When water is added to the mixture potassium nitrate dissolves. The mixture is then filtered. The filtrate is potassium nitrate solution while the residue is a mixture of sulphur and charcoal. The filtrate is evaporated on a sand bath to obtain nitre back. When carbon disulphide is added to the residue, sulphur dissolves. When this mixture is filtered the filtrate is sulphur solution while the residue is charcoal. Leaving it open evaporates the sulphur solution. Carbon disulphide evaporates and sulphur crystals are left behind.

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Q: How can you separate mixture of gunpowder?
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