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The mature thing to do is sit down one night when things are quiet (and no one is around) and just tell him in a calm and kind manner. He needs to know so he can work on his short-comings. If he's angry, hurt or upset when you tell him give him a few days to cool down so he can digest the information you have given him. If he really cares he'll come back and you can help him by telling him that some people are users and abusers of others and he has to know where to draw the line. It's pretty normal for all of us to get taken by others off and on, and as we age we begin to notice signs of people that are cold, calculating and out to use and abuse others. We can only learn from experience. When younger we are always growing and maturing and we never even begin to perfect ourselves in our lifetime, but we keep trying. LOL Good luck Marcy You cant. You can express how you feel to him but this mindset only comes with experience and maturity. Eventually you come to see that it does not matter what anyone thinks of you.

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Q: How can you show your ex-boyfriend that it's time for him to grow up so he doesn't get used or hurt by others around him?
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