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How can you solve world hunger?

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buy products such as ONE WATER this company, gives all profits to third world countries to make PlayPumps.

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How do you solve world hunger?

Nuke Africa.

What is the World Food Programme trying to solve?

world hunger

Can you solve world hunger with a Bigmac and a highlighter?

most likely not.

What can good food do to you?

Solve your hunger

How could genetically modified foods help world hunger?

In many parts of the world, hunger is not the result of lack of food in the world, but political and social issues. Unless those issues are dealt with and resolved, GMO or any other kind of food is not going to solve hunger in those areas. In addition, some countries that will accept non-GMO foods will not accept GMO foods, so GMO food will not help to solve the hunger in those countries.

Should battery farming be used to solve world hunger?

no becuase chickens have rights and they will start talking to you about how you hurt them.

Do ever leopards solve their problems of hunger?

yes! they always solve their huger they always hunt for animals and eat them-Some of leopards just die to hunger when them are too old to hunt-

Can satellites solve the problem of hunger in africa?

Depends on the type of satellite you are referring to and the implications of said satellite on the hunger problem in Africa.

Should the world take care of the world hunger first or racism?

World hunger. Lots of blacks suffer from world hunger, and if we help them, it'll also help with racism.

What would it cost to solve world hunger?

The UN has estimated that it would cost around $30 billion annually for the next three to five years. (from 2008)

Who is the author of To A Hunger Free World?

M.S.Swaminathan is the author of the book 'To A Hunger Free World'?

How did Sparta solve the problem of land-hunger?

They conquered the rich region of Messene in 715 B.C. They made the Messenians state slaves

How do you use hunger in a sentence?

World hunger is a big problem.

How can you help world hunger?

We can help world hunger by donating to charity or helping channel one.

How many people die every day from world hunger?

they say that every 3.6 seconds a person dies of hunger and 75% are children. About 24,00 people die a die of world hunger. That is why we need to help world hunger.

What is World Hunger?

World Hunger is when several countries or a whole Continent goes without or with little food.

Is world hunger serious?


How do you beat world hunger?

You can beat world hunger by going to and ing the vocabulary questions on the site.

When did world hunger start?

Hunger has been an element of man from the beginning of man.

What is causing world hunger?

There are many causes for world hunger. Some common reasons are famine, poverty, and food shortages.

What can people do to end world hunger?

If more people donate food and money to countries then world hunger will might stop.

Why does world hunger exist?

world hunger exists because greedy evil men contaminate the world

How can world hunger be reduced or eliminated?

If you wan't world hunger to be eliminated then tell every body to not eat all day because eventually the world will end up looking like the district 12 from the hunger games.

When did world hunger begin?

when there were organisms to be hungry but if you mean human hunger, when humans first evolved, sorry to be cynical, but world hunger was always a fact of life as long as there were humans to be hungry

How did world hunger start?

There have always been hungry people in the world but the modern idea of world hunger means there is severe poverty and hunger in some areas and an over-abundance of food in other areas. Causes of world hunger include poverty, crop failures, drought, and larger populations that have developed over the years.