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How can you split up with your girlfriend without hurting her feelings?

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There are always going to be hurt feelings no matter how hard you try not to hurt someone. Just sit her down, and talk with her and just let it come out. Good luck:)

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What do you do if you tell your girlfriend's best friend that you have feelings for her?

You sure let the cat out of the bag! Bad choice! You don't tell your girlfriend's best friend you have feelings for her until you split up from your girlfriend. You've put her best friend in a terrible position (even if she doesn't have feelings for you) because now she knows your girlfriend shouldn't be trusting you and she has to decide whether to tell her friend or not. Nice guy! It's a good idea to talk to your girlfriend ASAP and tell her you want to split-up. Both of these girls should kick your butt to the curb!

How can you get your brother to split up with his girlfriend?

tell your brother that his girlfriend said bad stuff about him and then same the opposite to his girlfriend

Is Joseph Calzage married?

Just split with his girlfriend.

Is Paolo Nutini split from girlfriend Terri Brogan?

they split back in 10 but later reunited, they have now split again but it is expected they will reconcile

What will happen if you do not trim your dogs nails?

it will end up hurting the dog, also they could split and it hurts like when our nails split! TRIM YOUR DOG'S NAILS

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after you split up with him you have given it another go without actually being in a relationship but you still love him yet he has no feelings for you?

Try to win him over.

Can you do a split without being flexible and what are googd stretches to do?

you can't do a split without being flexible

Will Thomas law leave his girlfriend for you?

no his girlfriend Charlotte and him are very happy. I hope noone will split them up.sorry.

Why does your ex girlfriend want to meet your girlfriend?

So she can evaluate what type of girl you got hold of after you split up.

Does Sasha Vujacic have a girlfriend?

He was engaged to Maria Sharapova. They've split.

Why did Bruno Mars split with his ex girlfriend?

because he didnt like her

Has Daniel Radcliffe split up with his girl friend?

why do u want to know god and yes he is still coz i am his girlfriend Yes, he has split up with his old girlfriend. Daniel is not dating anyone at the moment.

I like a guy but he already asked me out two years before and i said No now he has a girlfriend and I realized I really like him and want to go out with him what do I do?

Wait it out. When the finally split, ask him. It'll take enough courage as it did for him to ask you out. If he says no, then no hard feelings.

How do you get a boy to split up with his girlfriend?

It's really not your place. Besides, if you can do it then it can be done to you.

If girlfriend and you split up what does she get?

Give her any unpaid bills & nothing else!

What should I think about my Ex-Girlfriend?

What you think abour your ex-girlfriend entirely depends on what circumstances you split up. Only you can decide what you think about her, whether that be good or bad.

Does your ex girlfriend think about you?

Yes they can think of you but it also depends on why you broke up..They may not want to think of you and what happened for you and your ex girlfriend to split.

Does brian urlacher have a girlfriend?

It is unknown if Brian Urlacher currently has a girlfriend. He did date actress Jenny McCarthy in 2012, but they split up shortly after.

Can you lose your house if your girlfriend and you split up and the house is in one name?

If it's in her name.

Does Sean smith from the blackout have a girlfriend?

no he doesn't. he split up with her a few weeks ago.

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Only screwed insurance agents will take a split on commission without your knowledge.

How can you split your best friend and his girlfriend up?

His girlfriend loves him with all her heart and doesnt ever want to break up with him. They are both immesnsly happy :)

Did anybody in ABBA cheat?

Bjorn had a girlfriend within a week of his split with Agnetha, so he either works very fast or he had the girlfriend waiting in the wings.

How do you get a split screen effect on windows movie maker without downloading anything?

You can't get the split screen effect without first downloading the effect itself.

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