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Does a sponsor have to be the same sex as the person being confirmed?

No, a sponsor can be male or female, so a boy can have a female sponsor and a girl can have male sponsor if they choose. The sponsor should be practicing Catholic who has received Confirmation, age 16 or more, and not a parent.

What Mexican male names start with P?

Pancho is a Mexican male name. It begins with the letter P.

What requirement is necessary to be a Confirmation sponsor?

A sponsor can be male or female, and must be at least age 16, a Catholic in good standing, and confirmed.

The Mexican name for a male Mexican's male compadre.?


What is the definition of cihualteco?

a male (Mexican) from the village of cihual.

Who can be a sponsor for confirmation?

A baptized catholic , male or female, who has been Confirmed and is at least age 16

Is an ese a gang?

No, gangmembers identify Mexican, or Mexican American(chicanos), gangmembers as ese's(male) or esa's(female).

How do you tell a male Mexican walking fish from a female?

youre axolotile is a male it will have lumps on the side of it at the back

What do you call Mexican people?

Just like that: Mexican. In Spanish, it would be Mexicano (male), Mexicana (female) or Mexicanos (plural).

Can a female sailor be assigned a male sailor sponsor in the US navy?

Yeah, sure, as long as he uses a condom.

What is The average height for a 18 year old Mexican male?


How do you say You are beautiful in Mexican spanish?

Eres_hermoso/a">Eres hermoso/a (male/female 'you')

When did Colin Male die?

Colin Male died on October 23, 1996, in Seminole, Florida, USA.

How do you say has come to you in Hebrew?

It depends on the subject and the object of the sentence: a male who came to a male: He has come to you = hu ba elecha a female who came to a male: She has come to you = hee ba'a elecha a male who came to a female: He has come to you = hu ba elayeech a female who came to a female: She has come to you = hee ba'a elayeech

Does the male or female name come first?

its a male totally

Who is mr caponne?

mr.caponne is a Mexican male rapper..and he is also staphene arredondos primo...

How to say friends in mexican?

amigos/amigas (male/female) cuaqueros = (Quaker) Friends

What does a Mexican wolf weigh?

100 to 175 pounds, depends on if its healthy, and if its male or female.

How do you say friend in Mexican?

First of all, Mexican is not a language. They speak Spanish is Mexico. A female friend is "una amiga" . A male friend is "un amigo".

What is the weight of the Florida panther?

Up to 140 pounds for a big male.

How long do male Mexican red knee tarantulas live?

Male Mexican red knee tarantulas can only live up to 5 -7 years and die shortly after their last moult, while females can live up to 25 years.

What is Mexico's nationality?

The nationality of Mexico is Mexican, Mexicans.In Spanish: Mexicano (male), Mexicana (female), Mexicanos (plural male), Mexicanas (plural female).

What is the Life span of males in Mexico?

The average life span of a Mexican male is 74 years.

How do you spell are you Mexican in spanish?

To a male: ¿Es usted mexicano? To a female: ¿Es usted mexicana?

Is guinea pig male or female?

Guinea pigs like other animals, come in male and females. Guinea pigs like other animals, come in male and females.

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