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How can you spy on a mobile phone through your PC?

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Yes, There are several types of software you can install that can help. Mobile software Remote spy software for PC Keylogger for PC

if your phone has a USB connection then you can transfer the pictures from your PC to your mobile phone

Take a data cable and insert it in mobile phone and the insert the second end in the usb port. you will get connected to your both PC and mobile phone.

Enable wifi in both PC n phone then PC will generate a uniqe gateway 2 get paired with mobile device it will ask for a password or encrypted ip address and then the mobile phone is connected to PC now ur PC which is having access to internet can be shared with the mobile phone over wifi.....

You should be able to use the mobile view of your webmail, if you have it. Otherwise, you would have to use a remote login tool to access your PC from your mobile phone.

get an mp3 player with bluetooth,a mobile phone with bluetooth and whallah!

how do i recover my password to my utstarcom pocket PC mobile phone that i forgot

Karbonn mobile K 217 is not supported with your PC usb port, For reference please go through the karbonn mobile website

Most mobile phones include a downloadable pc suite, which would be compatible with the phone you purchase. Pc suites include features such as backing up the phone, allowing you to copy files over to the phone.

A USB data cable is supplied with the KP199 mobile phone. Just connect it while the mobile and PC are ON. The phone will ask a question - whether to use the phone as a data storage or as a modem. Select Data Storage. The phone memory and the MicroSD memory will be displayed as separate disk drives on the PC.

Yes, you certainly may save SMS pc to your phone. You can use mobclient, for instance, to perform this service for you and save SMS PC to your mobile phone.

We can ljsten to phones through PC by.....*firstly insrall the PC suit casste into the PC*then connect the phone to PC using the usb cable*when the sysrem recognises the phone we can open the music files and listen it

you can't unless you have a spy software on the actual phone to your PC

you can use google voice to send and receive text messages on your pc to a mobile phone for free.

You could try to send data through a bluetooth connection, if you phone is capable of doing that and your computer has the correct software.

use a PC suite .for eg. If you have nokia phone use nokia PC suite

Ye you can do it , but it varies from mobile to mobile. If your mobile doesn't have an operating system then you cannnot upgrade your mobile via pc suite. If you want to download pc suite for mobiles checkout the link at sources and related links below.

just go to free PC calls sites there u can call anyone for freeAnswerVoIP service offered by Skype is free for PC to PC call. You'll get charged if you use skype to call a mobile phone or landline.

download onida mobile pc suite

put it in the diskdrive an push as hard as you can!

You can't. When people say they do they are lying. yr answer is wrong. You can load images from your mobile phones to PC with the help of a card reader

Yes you can. You need to use the features that come with the software CD of your phone. You should have an option like 'synchronise' or 'transfer contacts from phone to PC'...

No we should not use mobile earphones with laptops. It can damage the earphones. that has happened with me.

">Google allows you to call to PC to Phone, via Gmail