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How can you start a business?

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Ideas for starting a small or home-based office is about you. Make a list of your skills, education, work experience, or hobbies for business ideas. Then take a look around your community to see what you can offer. Ask friends, relatives, and neighbors for input. There are quality websites that will provide you with steps to take in starting a small business with minimal cost.

* Small Business Planner - Information and resources - planning, starting and managing a business to help you succeed. Careful planning is fundamental to success. ( * Small Business Administration ( provides a business plan tutorial and outline * Internal Revenue Service - Basic federal tax information for starting a business. * - How to Start a Small Business, Small Business Startup. * - Starting a Business Tips and Advice * US Government ( - Starting and managing a business == == First decide what area of business you want to pursue. Research the business and competition in the area. Formulate a business plan that list what the purpose/function of your business will be in detail including pictures, diagrams, descriptions and how you will stand out from your competition. Also be sure to include financial information in the plan... like estimates for different costs you may incur. Have someone proof your plan, like provide their opinion on your product/service and your financial projections. Get lots of opinions, change the necessary information - make sure you do a lot of research. Take your plan to the bank to get a small business loan. But before you go, make sure the presentation is well put together and well thought out because banks are about serious business and will only consider those serious about pursuing their venture! Good LUCK!

Advice from other contributors:

== == == == * If you live in the USA, you can contact the Small Business Association (.org). They help person of all ethnic groups and of all income types, (well, maybe not rich people) draw up plans to help you get low interest loans and sometimes grants to help get your business started. They may be listed in the phone book under "Federal" or "Government" pages. * Ownership is the key to wealth. However, owning a traditional business can be very costly and stressful. 1. You can start a small business

2. You can start a franchise

For these 2 options you will need to hire (and retain) employees. This often seems as though you are running an adult care! Until your business grows, you will probably work for 5 years without receiving a paycheck. 3. Or you can start your own home based network marketing business with a minimal start up cost and devote 7-15 hours per week working to pursue your goals of financial freedom and time freedom. Network marketing is simply a distribution system, or form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a "network" of independent distributors. It's a wonderfully effective system that cuts out the "middleman" found in most industries. Since the manufacturer does not need to pay for advertising, warehousing, etc., they use that money to pay their distributors for introducing others to their products. Products offered by Network Marketing companies are superior because the company can spend more money on research and development. When looking at a Network Marketing company, there are four key business facts that need to be considered when looking at building a network in direct sales. ~Your business must have cutting edge consumable products ~The timing and trends in our society are a factor ~There must be a large expanding target market and lastly ~It must have the ability to leverage both time and money Starting a Network Marketing Business is simple but not always easy. It requires determination and hard work but the rewards can be amazing. I am building a Network Marketing Business with an amazing company. They offer free online training and they encourage each of their consultants to participate in daily personal development. My upline has trained me to work a system for success. With Network Marketing you are in business for yourself but not by yourself! Your upline does not succeed unless they help you succeed and you don't succeed unless you help your team succeed. This industry is a breath of fresh air compared to corporate America!
You start your own business by:

FIRST- Find out what kind of business you want to start.

SECOND- Find customers and get them involved! Go up to their door and give them a speech about your company, make signs, make business cards, get a commercial, get in the phone book! There's lots you can do!

THIRD- Be prepared! A client may call at any moment so be prepared and give them awesome service; the first impression has the most impact- act confident and be kind.

FOURTH- If a client asks you to do business, do it right! Always give 110%! Do the best that you can possibly do and try your hardest! If you act unorganized and clumsy the client will never call you back. Also, set just prices: no one wants to pay 5$ for a water bottle! Go on the cheap side- if you only charge 0.50$ they will come back for sure!

FIFTH- Have fun and watch the money pour in! Your hard work will definitely pay off! Then when you get your first profit you can improve your company by buying new products!

It's recipe for success so try it out and start your own business today!

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