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If the visits are already court ordered, see if the court can also provide a mediater so that you do not have to be anywhere near the "narcissist" when having the visits. If the court can not provide you with this nessesary service, find an agengy, a trusted freind ANYONE but yourself. Good Luck

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Is there any way to get a narcissist to want you again?

What is the usage of the term "narcissist" and how does it reflect upon this situation. I do not understand. nar

How does a 12 year old get to see here mom if the mom does not have any visitation rights?

Without any visitation rites, I'm sorry... but you can't see them again unless you appeal to the court, but even if you win the best thing you get will probably be intensely moderated visits.

Can a parent who hasn't been in contact with a child in 10 years get custody or visitation?

It's highly unlikely that custodial rights would even be considered. However, courts seldom refuse visitation rights unless there is evidence of abuse or neglect on the part of the requesting parent. If there is not a court order terminating parental rights due to abandonment or another such issue, the parent will likely be granted visitation. It is quite possible, the court would order supervised visitation for a specified length of time. A lot depends on the reason for non-contact with the child. Courts tend to leave things as they are and not make drastic changes in children's lives unless it is what they want and better for them in the long run. yes, you can get visitation and/or custody but again, it depends on what kept you away (drugs, jail, etc.).

How do you make a narcissist feel inferior?

Ignore them again and again until they ask u what's wrong keep your answer short then run.

If a Narcissist tells you not to get in touch with them again would the narcissist actually make contact with you again?

Yes it will until he/she makes sure they can't get anything anymore from you , and than if you don't respond , and keep strong with your decision not to be in touch, they will look for replacement immediately also.

What if your narcissist ex is considering seminary again Should you expose him?

Tell him to go and leave you alone.

You have been in communication with a narcissist woman She told you not to text her again and you have agreed not to Is she likely to get in contact with you again and if so how do you respond to it?

She probably will. If she does BLOCK & IGNORE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can a mom leave state of Colorado with child with out your permission?

I'll answer your question with another one... Does the mother have legal custody of the child? If so, the answer is YES. Its required by most states (you'd have to check your state laws to get a definite answer) for the parent without legal custody to get permission to leave state for any time period that is beyond their parental visitation rights. During the time period they have visitation rights, they have full parental rights in most cases. Once again though, you'd have to check your individual states laws. Unless the law and/or courts decree that the biological parent in question cannot leave the state with the child and they return before the end of visitation, it is within their parental rights to do so.

If you completely ignore a narcissist will he act as if you are superior to him and subsequently behave himself?

Again, narcissism is a rare and serious diagnosed personality disorder, not a label. By nature of the disorder a true narcissist wouldn't think anyone is superior to him.

What are the release dates for Great Decisions - 1986 Human Rights Never Again Again and Again?

Great Decisions - 1986 Human Rights Never Again Again and Again was released on: USA: 12 February 2009

How do you deal with your narcissist ex cheating on you with a girl that work with him?

You are saying narcissist ex. If he is your ex he is not cheating on you and why would you care if he is your ex. Forget about this and move on with your life. If you think that this is cheating on you - better think again and also know that this will go on and on.

Does a narcissist really mean it when he says he has no desire to talk to you ever again?

Well, a narcissist is someone who is in love with themselves. So it is possible that he may not like you as much as himself, but that's only if he's a drastic case of narcissism.

What does it mean or show when you have caught a narcissist red handed in bed with someone and when you call her to say when can you check on her again and says make time and come?

please specify who "her" refers to. As the question stands "her" could be the narcissist or the other person.

If a narcissist ask you not to make contact again do they have a way of making contact with you again?

It is highly unlikely that a narcissist would do that, they might need you later on. The only reason they would ask this is, they fear that you are becoming dangerous to them. Even so, they live for the moment. At some point they may call upon you again. It all depends on what is going on in their lives and weather or not they have anyone else to call upon.

What happens to a narcissist when you totally ignore them for good?

They will come back time and again it seems - just to see if you are still thinking about them!

Are there amendments to the Bill of Rights?

the bill of rights are amendments, they weren't amended again

Should you get back with a narcissist ex-husband?

Hell no unless you want to go through the pain all over again!

How hard is it for a parent with supervised visits to get their rights back?

This is dependant on the reason for the supervised visits. You may have had things that you were required to do such as counselling for example in order to have your case looked at again. Your best option is to speak to a lawyer in your area to find out about petitioning the court to modify the custody and visitation arrangements.

When a narcissists devalues you can it be reversed?

The narcissism probably can't be, but your feeling of being devalued can--first by cutting off contact with the narcissist. Also, the narcissist will value you again, but only if they want supply from you...they are like alcoholics but your attention is the drug of choice - but only if they aren't busy with some other secondary supply -and if they are you have to wait on the shelf until they want to use you again.

Do you have to go to lunch with your father even though theyre divorced?

It depends on the situation. If your father has visitation rights then yes, you do, unless, in some states, you reach a certain age. Once you turn that age you may have the right to decide who you want to visit or live with and if you ever want to see the other parent again. In some states, you may be able to request that the court limit a parent's visitation once you reach a set age.

Can your father get a court order making you visit him if you are 15 and live with your mom and haven't seen your father in 5 months and he is threatening to get a court order if you don't visit?

yes he can, provided they have filed a settlement agreement with the court in the county in which you live which gives your father rights of visitation or parenting time. If your mom does not allow your father to exercise his rights of visitation with you, she can be held in contempt of court for witholding you from him. If you do not wish to spend time with your father, it's best to explain to him why and usually you can work out a reasonable 'break time' until you want to spend time with him again.

Will a narcissist ever return to his former supply after she has been devaluated?

Yes. They will return for many years, to torture the devalued, if they can, especially if the narcissist is a psychopath. My ex-narcissist expressed it himself very well. He just said, "I am a very evil person, and I enjoy making people suffer." Basically he will return if he thinks he can get anything out of, sex, or a place to stay, for himself or his new girlfriend. And narcissists may alternate between vaulation and devaluation over and over, especially with people who cannot get away from him, such as blood relatives. If the person is currently useful to the narcissist, he will be valued. Once the narcissist is done, or if the person criticizes or tells the narcissist "no", they are devalued all over again.

Would a narcissist that has been exposed by his good old supply maybe re contact?

I doubt it because they would probably no longer be a supply...They are only interested in those that can be manipulated and exploited again and again.

What do you do if you have reached an impassse with your narcissistic spouse and they are prolonging the silent treatment toward you?

Go to counseling. Rejoice! And again I say, rejoice! There is no silence more golden than a narcissist's. To not have to hear that annoying voice! It is truly heaven. Let me tell you how things work with a narcissist. They come from opposite land in Bizarro universe. The only way to get a narcissist to be nice to you is to (paradoxically) treat them terribly by ignoring them entirely. If the narcissist is ignoring you, you must have done something awfully decent and nice to deserve this. Do you see the impossibility of ever successfully dealing with and having a relationship with such a person? I would say, take immediate advantage of the impasse and the resulting silence by leaving the narcissist. No matter what you do, never pay any attention to the narcissist again, and don't talk or call or write unless forced by law to do so. The narcissist will always think of you, in the Bizarro universe way, as a wonderful person and will crave your attention, which you will never give. Thus exacting justice on the narcissist while taking back your life. Too bad you have to be mean to show a narcissist how wonderful you are, but you didn't start this thing. You should be the one to end it, though.

My girldfriend's mother is a narcissist she will be fine and then whenever she doesnt get what she wants she forbids the girl to see do i beat this can I?

Nope. Parents come with girls until they move out. Be a charming gentleman, and everything will work out just fine. Start by never calling her mom a narcissist again.