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How can you stay friends with a man if you have fallen in love with him?

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You have to give yourself space from this person for a little while. Perhaps go on a mini holiday or make some excuse to stay away for a month or two and let them know you'll contact them later. This gives you a chance to balance your life out more and perhaps meet someone else. Right now you have closed yourself off to meeting and dating other men. Good luck!

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Can a man that says he has fallen out of love with you fall back in love with you?

depends on the person but it is possible

Have you ever been so in love?

i have.... i have fallen in love with a man of my breams.... to bad girls the best man in the WORLD is taken by who???? ME!!!!

How can you tell a man has fallen in love at first sight?

Gets a boner.

Why did spider man save Mary Jane?

he saved her because he has fallen in love with her

How do you make my man stay forever?

tell him that u love him he will stay

How do you know a man has fallen in love with you?

If he looks at you alot He gets nervous around u

What if you fallen in love with a married man?

you should just move on... there are plenty of other guys. jeez.

How do you know that a girl has fallen in love with one man?

She'll show it, youll just know.

Who may queen elizabeth the 1st have fallen in love with?

It seems that Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester was the man she may have been in love with.

What is better live with the man you love or live with man you dont lovesentence?

Stay with a rich man and never stop loving the man that you love! Stay in both side, however you shouldn't be sexulality involved with the man that you love. Don't forget a good man is a poor man (Or he is not rich) because a rich man is not a good man otherwise he won't get rish!

How can you find a man who truly loves you?

You can find one by opening up yourself to love. The man who loves you will stay and love you for who you are.

Should you leave your husband for the man you've fallen in love with?

no! what is your husband doing to make you want to leave!

How can you be friends with someone you love that doesn't love you?

Just gotta keep tryin man

How did Jesus show love to the disciples?

He showed His love by dying for them. 13Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

What did Clarence write to George Bailey about a man who has friends?

Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings, Love Clarence

What is the conflict in Dear John?

John was written back from Savannah that she had fallen in love with another man. She is to be married. The man turns out to be her best friend/neighbor.

How do you know a man has fallen in love with you at first sight?

when their eyes are shaped like hearts. Just kidding, by how they react.

What makes a man stay with a woman he does not love?

usually a child or a baby

Should you stay with a man you are not in love with or attracted to?

Why would you? Would you stay with him if he is rich? What else can you do? Does he want you to stay? Does he know you are not attracted to him, or are you pretending to?

Which of Albus Dumbledore's friends did he have to defeat?

Gellert Grindelwald, the man he was in love with.

What to do if a man tells you he is in love with your wife?

you could either tell him to stay a way from your wife or for your wife to stay away from him

Should a man stay in a relationship with a woman that has kids?

it depends if you love the woman or not.

Different types of love?

There are many different kinds of love. There is romantic love, family love, and the love of friends and pets. Not all love has to be between a man and a woman.

What are common causes of divorce?

The woman and the man have fallen out of love. The man or woman had an affair. They change. Money worries. Change of perspective on life. Children. Emoness and douchebaggery.

How do you find out if the man you love is married for free?

Ask him, or one of his family or friends.