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How can you stop a Check Oil Level indicator light from coming on when there is enough oil in the car?

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One possibility is that your sensor is defective and needs replacement...

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What does the can with a drip coming from it mean on the indicator lights on a 02 Mercedes ml320?

The can with a drip is the oil indicator. If the light comes on, check the oil level (well, you should check the oil at least once a week).

Automative water level indicator using scr?

check out this website Water Level Indicator Circuit-Liquid Level Sensor Project

Is there a way to reset the engine oil level indicator on a 2003 Tahoe?

Change engine oil, or check oil indicator?

How do you check brake fluid level?

usually the brake fluid reservoir is clear and therefore you will see the level of the fluid. if not the lid will have a level indicator.

How often one should replace vacuum cleaner bags?

It depends on the model of the vacuum cleaner. If the model has an indicator that shows the filling level of the bag then one should replace it according to the indicator. If the model has no indicator there are other tests to check if the bag is already full. Usually the vacuum cleaner will get weaker and hoover accurately enough anymore. That will be the sign to change the bag. If the bag is transparent one will be able to check the filling level by taking a look at the inside of the cleaner.

What should you do about the smoke coming from my engine?

check coolent level

What is a water level indicator?

A water level indicator shows how high the water is.

What would cause The temperature indicator on your neon keeps cycling from hot to cold?

check antifreeze level

The heat is not coming out in my 1998 Chevy Cavalier?

Check your coolant level.

Why is my Check engine light turned on and smoke coming from oil filler cap?

check your oil level?

Does your check engine light in a 1993 Honda civic indicator a low fuel level?

no you have to change air sensor

What is the cause oil coming out from Toyota Camry 1997 model when removing oil level indicator?

You have overfilled the engine with oil. 4 cylinder takes 3.8 quarts max. But when you add oil you should always check with the dipstick if the level is proper. In meantime you need to adjust the level properly because if you do not all your seals will have to be replaced.

What does the Honda Civic CVTF indicator light?

You need to check transmission fluid level, or have it serviced. *IT REQUIRES SPECIAL FLUID*

What level of multimeter are you using?

A multimeter is an indicator for general measuring purposes. It usually not acurate enough to take measurement of hi precision.

Why does the brake light indicator stay on in a Ford Taurus 2000 SE with ABS?

Check brake fluid level Check to see that emergency brake is fully released

Why does heat turn to cold air when coming to a stop?

The most likely reason is that your coolant level is really low. You may also notice that it changes when you turn as well. Your coolant level being so low is a good indicator that you may have a leak. Check for wet spots under the car where you park.

Check transmission oil on Toyota Tundra 2006?

The transmission oil level for your 2006 Toyota tundra with the transmission dipstick. The transmission dipstick will have a full indicator and a add fluid indicator stamped on the dipstick.

How can you tell if your Oil is at the right level?

Park vehicle on a level surface and check dipstick indicator line before vehicle is started for the first time in morning (when vehicle is cold)

Your low coolant lite is coming on when the radiator is full?

Check the level in the overflow bottle. If it is full the level sensor may be bad.

Where is the gearbox oil level indicator on a vw caravelle vr6 auto?

There is no level indicator on the gearbox. The oil is checked by topping it up.

How do you check hydraulic fluid on Kubota LA303?

It should have eithert a view port or a dip stick style level indicator on hydraulic reservoir

Sentence for indicator?

Example sentence - Her childish behavior is a good indicator of her maturity level.

Why is my Pontiac 1994 trans sport over heating?

first check your coolant level. then check to see if you have a leak, then check to see if you cooling fans are coming on then check if your thermostat is working.

What causes Coolant indicator light to come on when you first start your car?

Check to coolant level in the coolant recovery tank and radiator when engine is cold

Why is your brake indicator on in your mustang?

If the parking brake isn't on , check the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment and see if it is low