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First of all, contact the issuer of the account that the payments are being taken from. You may want to do this by phone and in writing, just to document all correspondence. I would send the request certified, request receipt requested. [If you contacted the company, that is charing your account, did you get the name of the rep? If not, call again to request that the charges be stopped and the account credited for the full amount charged.] When contacting the credit card issuer, dispute the charges, again, in writing. Use the address on the back of a current statement. You should receive a confirmation of the dispute, from the card issuer. If all else fails, contact your State's Attorney General to file a complaint. Another good site to access is If the company that is charing your account is a bank or 'N.A'., you can also contact the Comptroller of Currency to file a complaint.

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Q: How can you stop a website from taking monthly payments from your credit card after repeatedly asking them to cancel your subscription?
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