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  • If you're younger (in your teens or even early 20's) this is very common. Even when we are smaller most siblings will argue and then when we get into our teens we want our privacy (no tag alongs such as a younger sister or brother) and want to flex our wings of independence. The same applies in one's early 20s. You usually will grow out of this, and until you leave home, I guess you'll have to put up with it. If you are older and you are fighting with a sibling, then remember "If you treat them with respect and they don't treat you the same back" then walk away for a little while. If you ignore them and don't engage in fighting, how then can they continue to argue? Think about that one. Never give up on your sibling because some people are just late bloomers. Try not to argue and so what if you are right and they are wrong. No big deal. Let them prattle on. If they are interfering in your personal life have no fears of barring them from your apartment and telling them when they can behave they are welcome back, but if they persist you don't want them around. Whether parents, siblings, mates, etc., if they don't give the respect you have given them, then it's time to part company for a little while. Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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Q: How can you stop arguing with a sibling?
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