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I've used a product called Stop the Bite -Hard as Hoof. It is clear on your nails and tastes terrible, so you don't want in your mouth. It takes about three weeks --but you break the habit.


I had tried the nail bitter stuff, and it didn't work for me at first - what worked was weekly manicures (even with almost no nail) and once I got out of the habit of biting (I actually craved the taste of it...) then I was able to use the bad tasting stuff to remind myself not to bite.

Best of luck, it is a hard habit to break, but once it's broken you'll feel proud of the way your nails look!! :)

Every time you notice your fingers are in your mouth, imagine you just cleaned up a pile of dog poop. Eventually you will notice before you bite your nails....thats how I quit biting mine:)

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How I stopped was getting into painting my nails, so I thought they were just to pretty to bite. Now everytime I catch myself or if other people catch me I do something to make me stop. For example, if I catch myself I put hot sauce, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol on my nails. I personally think that if people bite their nails they are either bored or they are nervous about something. Hopefully this helped you if you bite your nails.

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Q: How can you stop biting your nails?
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How do you prevent from biting your nails?

put hot sauce on your nails, it will taste bad and remind you to stop biting your nails.

How do you stop bitting your skin around your nails?

stype biting your nails. To help stop biting your nails you can always have something in your mouth like gum or something

What is the best way to break the the habit of biting your nails?

stop bitng your nails.

Tips to help me stop bighting my nails?

Delay biting your nails when you get the urge.

Where did the name Angela come from?

How to stop biting my nails

Is it easy to stop biting your nails?

No it is very hard.

A sentence for chronic?

His need to bite his nails was chronic. (He could not stop biting his nails.)

How can you stop a monster from biting his nails math joke?

Cut them for him.

How do you stop biting your finger nails?

Try to think of the benefits of not biting your nails. However, if it dosent work you can get a nail varnish that you put on your nails and it tastes really bad. ---------------------------------------------------- I found that filing my nails so that they were smooth helped me stop.

How do you not bite your nails?

My friend put band aids on her finger tips. It helped her to stop because she didn't like biting band aids. Or you can also purchase a special nail varnish for your nails that has a bad smell/taste to stop you from biting your nails.

How do you stop biting your nails with out No-bite nail polish or nail clippers?

If you are with family or friends tell them to let you know when you are biting your nails and you will eventually realise when you are doing it. care for your nails more an dtake pictures before and after . i am currently trying to stop aswell . it helps !!

Help. how do you stop biting your nails?

also you can go to walmart and buy the stop the bite nail cutical.

How can you stop a monster from biting his nails?

Other answers:Joke: How can you stop a monster from biting his nails?Punchline: Buy him a bag of screws.Joke: How can you stop a monster from biting his nails?Punchline: Send him to a Monster Reform School.

Does biting your nails give you warts on your hands?

Biting the nails does not give you the wart infection. But then biting the nails is a bad habit and is a sign of deep seated anxiety, probably.

What does 'stop biting your nails you just have to get this monkey off your back' mean?

It means to stop biting your fingernails. "Monkey on your back" is a slang term for any addiction or very bad habit. They are telling you you must get over your bad habit and stop biting your fingernails.

How do you stop biting your nais?

It is pretty simple, all you need to do is find a special polish that is made to stop you from biting your nails, in order to use it: Apply it like normal nailpolish (It's clear by the way) and let it dry, and when you start biting your nails it will taste horrible and your mouth will be burning, therefore your not going to want to bite your nails are you? Thanks -AmeliaLove-

How do you to stop biting your finger nails?

You can stop biting your nails by keeping them short with using finger nail clippers instead of biting your nails. i would say follow these steps to success step 1 : file your nails so that they are all at the same length step 2 : paint them step 3: have one finger as your biting nail bite that whilst the other grow step 4 :once your nails have grown and your biting nail pretend that it tastes vile like poop good luck

How can you keep from biting your nails?

At Your Local Pharmacy They Will Have A Clear Polish That You Put On Your Nails To Prevent's you from Biting them.

What is a good alternative for nail biting?

I don't really have an alternative- but to stop biting your nails wear fake nails if possible- even 5 dollar ones from Walgreen's because you can't bite those off!!

Does dipping your fingers in vinegar work to stop biting them?

keep ur nails short..if they r short u wont feel the urge of biting ur nails n strong determination is very essential...

How do you stop biteing your nails?

Well you can get a product in superdrug , and all you do is dip your nails into the pot and twist it and a nasty tasting liquid (that drys quickly) will stay on your nails , It tastes horrid and over time you will stop biting your nails !! <3

How do you stop a monster from biting his nails?

shoot him. haha I'm funny! or you could just tell him to stop if he's a friendly monster!

What does biting your nails do to you?

Nail biting makes your nails look unpleasant. If biting breaks the cuticle, there is a risk of infection. It has also been associated with dental problems and can transfer bacteria from under the nails into the mouth.

How do you stop your dog from clawing and biting their crate?

What i did was spray the cage with this spray you can get at pet stores it taste like green apples so the dog will stop biting as for clawing i would say trim its nails

How do you stop biting your nails without using that bad tasting nail stuff?

About 30 years ago I decided I had to quit biting my nails and what I did was replace the urge with biting with something else. I realized that one reason I bit my nails was when I felt a uneven edge or a break so instead of biting them I got a file and started grooming them. It did the trick. Now I carry a file in my handbag, have them all over the house and I don't bite my nails. Maybe this will work for you too.