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Unless the debt is proved to be invalid there are not options to avoid a property lien once the creditor has obtained a judgment if that is how the creditor chooses to enforce the judgment writ. The one exception might be property held as Tenancy By The Entirety by a married couple. Please be advised that a Mechanic's Lien for repairs and/or improvement on the property can be filed without the due process of a lawsuit.

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Can a collection agency claiming to be a law firm put a lien against your rent security deposit?

There are collection attorneys and they can place liens against real property, such as a house. In regards to placing a lien against a security deposit, that's ridiculous. No real collections attorney or one of the firms reps. would make such a claim.

Can a collection agency make inquiries on your credit report before placing it's debt?

== == Collection agencies do not have the legal right to pull your credit report unless you gave them permission.

How do you prevent someone from placing a lien on property?

If someone obtained a judgment lien against you for an unpaid debt, the only way to prevent it from being recorded against your property is to pay it in full.

Can a collection agency place a lien on a home if the mortgage and the deed aren't titled to the person owing the debt?

No. Collection agencies (or any other agency/organization that lends money) cannot place liens on property that is not owned by the debtor. If they could, then what would stop them from placing liens on just anyone's property? In order for them to place a lien on a property, the person must be on title. Of course, there might always be some lawyer out there who might beg to differ and try to take it to court...but then again...if they're willing to take the debtor to court, they can just have a judgment placed against them by the courts.

Is it possible to create your own tax lien certificate by placing a lien on someone's home without their permission if they have delinquent tax?

No. Only the IRS and/or state tax agencies can place a lien against real property of the person who has tax arrearages. Also, only the IRS or States can get a lien filed without going to court.

What department should you request when placing a commercial collection call?

The department you should request when placing a commercial collection call is to ask for the accounts payable department. First be sure you have collected all of your proper documents needed.

Can credit card companies put a lien on a house for unpaid debt?

Yes. If the creditor wins a lawsuit against the debtor a judgment is entered in favor of the creditor. A judgment can be executed against any non-exempt property belonging to the debtor including but not limited to the placing of a lien against real property. In most situations a lien is possible regardless of the status of ownership of the property, with the exception being marital property held under TBE laws.

What can you do if a neighbor has blocked your access to your property by placing a cattle feeder on the right of way?

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Can a debt collection agency legally identify themselves a 'collection agency' when placing inquiries on your credit report when the debt in question was charged off over a decade ago?


Is property held in an irrevocable trust protected in bankruptcy?

Can you protect your assets from bankruptcy by placing them in an irrevocable trust?

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What does the term irs lien mean?

An IRS tax lien means the IRS is placing a lien against your hours or other personal property. This is usually due to you owing the IRS an amount of money. If you cannot pay it within a certain amount of time, they could put a lien on your property, seize it, and sell it in order to make the money they are owed.

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Lead generators in real estate are responsible for creating leads to a property they have listed. This is done by placing things that lead to the property listing in places they normally wouldn't such as Craigslist.

Can an HOA charge for placing a lien on a house?

Yes. Read your collection policy to verify that you are responsible for all fees involved in collecting monies that you owe to the association.

Does transferring a deed of mortaged property to a child prevent creditors from placing a lien on the property?

Generally, the transfer of title to real estate to avoid creditors is against the law and is ineffective. The creditors can still attach the real estate by legal process. That type of transfer is called a 'fraudulent conveyance' and is extremely repugnant to the legal system. You can read more about it at the link provided below.

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Who can help with placing an out-of-state property lien in the state of Oregon?

I'm certain that you can find an Oregon attorney who will be happy to fulfill this function for you . . . for a fee.

Rationale behind classification of crimes against a person?

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