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Replace the rice it with starchy food for example - wholegrain products, pasta and root vegetables in combination with protein rich food.

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How do you stop eating raw rice imediately?

stop buying rice

Will eating raw rice stop you from getting pregnant?


How can you stop the habit of eating raw rice?

we can cook it a little bit before eating it

What are the effects of eating raw rice regularly?

what are the effects of the eating of raw rice

Can eating raw rice affect your pregnancy?

You should not be eating raw rice at all.

What is the effect on skin by eating raw rice?

it is very bad to eat raw rice.

Can eating raw rice make you not to have a child?

Rice (raw or cooked) does not affect fertility.

Is by eating raw rice you get headlice?


Can eating Raw Rice hurt You?

No rice is completely harmless!

What is the effect of eating raw rice during pregnancy?

There is no affect, it is perfectly normal to eating cooked rice.

Does eating raw rice cause cancer?


How does eating raw rice affect a dog?

It doesn't.

Does eating raw rice contribute to irregular periods problems?


Can eating raw rice make you fat?

I doubt it- raw rice is not very digestible. Also, it's not very pleasant to eat raw, so you'll probably lose interest in eating it before you've eaten much of it.

How stop eat raw rice?

that makes no sence

Is eating raw rice cause jaundice?

no. raw rice has got nothing to do with liver and jaundice is caused when the liver is unable to excrete bilirubin from the system.

Does eating a lot of raw rice prvent you to conceive for a baby?

Absolutely not

Can eating raw rice affect the baby during pregnancy?

Only if you are not also eating a balanced diet.

Does eating too much cooked rice cause your stomach to swell?

Eating too much of anything causes your stomach to expand to hold it all. Eating raw rice, though, will not cause your stomach to swell and it actually does not harm birds either, who eat raw rice wherever it grows or is farmed.

What does eating raw rice mean to Hindu west Indians?

that even though its raw at least theyre not starving

Why after your pregnancy you have started eating more and more raw rice?

ur strange...

Can eating raw rice cause kidney stones?

Yes, I am a doctor from McMaster University Hospital. Eating excessive amounts of rice, raw or cooked can cause kidney stones. Which can eventually cause death. So be aware.

Is raw rice bad for dogs?

I would imagine that it is bad for anyone or anything really because when rice is raw and you eat it will expand inside your body which isn't good... Because when you or the dog eats it cooked the rice can fit inside your stomach until you feel full (which is when you stop eating) but eat it raw until you feel full it then has to expand which which isn't good for your stomach.

How do you know when your stomach has burst from eating raw rice?

your stomach can not burst open from eating too much rice but rice expands in your stomach so that when you fel full your stomach has all the rice it can handle........hope this answers your question ^_^

Is eating raw rice tasty?

yes!!! it is tasty, and addictive. however, don't eat too much of it because it will make you become anemic..hehehehe...It happened to me, but I am still eating raw rice just because I like crunching and tasting it....