How can you stop extinction of the leadbeater's possum?

Like many Australian animals, Leadbeater's Possum is endangered because of habitat loss. Leadbeater's possum is found in Victoria, and is the faunal emblem of that state. The possums nest in the hollows of old trees, preferably those in excess of 150-200 years in age, but drought and the increased number of bushfires in recent years in Victoria has reduced the numbers of such available trees. Further, many of the remaining trees that are suitable are in Victoria's prime timber production area.

Therefore, the best chances to prevent extinction of this relatively rare creature involve the reestablishment and protection of native forests with enough old trees to support the possum's habitat needs. These forests would need to have extra protection from the threat of bushfires, via better proactive bushfire management, such as the use of more firebreaks, controlled backburning and clearing of dry undergrowth.

There is a volunteer group called Friends of Leadbeater's Possum which works with rangers in Victoria's national and state forests to put up nestboxes in the possums' habitat to provide homes if there is a shortage of hollows in old trees.