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Try and not think too much of it or base your life around this one particular moment or occurence. Carry on with your daily activities, keep yourself busy and move forward until the day comes if in fact it does. There is no sense causing yourself undue stress when not needed.

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Is 'kind of feeling awkward' or 'feeling kind of awkward'?

I think it would be better written as "feeling kind of awkward" since "kind of" means slightly. You would say "feeling slightly awkward", not "slightly feeling awkward".

How do you use restless?

"It is the night before Christmas and I am feeling restless." "My brother was supposed to be home two hours ago and he has not called. I am beginning to feel restless."

What does it mean if you get this awkward feeling around a boy?

hes weird or you lik him

What does the word awkward really mean?

awkward is like an uncomfortable. usually when you feel uncomfortable or you dont know what to say or youre feeling weird. you would shout out awkward in a high voice.

Use a sentence with the word adjudge?

It was an awkward feeling when I had to adjudge someone for the first time :-)

What to do when your boyfriends baby mother visits and he ignores your text?

Feeling awkward would be the common thing to do!

How does a girl be on top without feeling too awkward?

I don't think one should feel awkward at all, besides when a girl is on top, I doubt that couple is worrying about how awkward they feel, more about how each love each other and kissing etc.

Why do girls blush with guys?

It might be a good sign that she likes that guy. Be careful though, she could just be feeling hot, nervous, embarrassed about something, or feeling awkward.

Do you feel restless during pregnancy?

i am 28wks pregnant and i feel very restless, iv been feeling like this for a week now. i feel like i don't know what to do with myself. i think it may be due to boredom

What does restless leg syndrome mean?

Restless leg syndrome is a condition where one can't resist the urge to move one's legs and relieve the discomfort they are feeling in those limbs. It can be itching or aching sensations that cause it.

How do you ask your dad a question without feeling awkward?

your dad brought you in to this world and whatever question you ask him may seem awkward at first but once the conversation gets going it will all be ok. Trust me been there done that

We met under awkward circumtances and then he called me to tell me he liked me a lot and I told him I liked him as well but he has since been kind of distant why?

He could be very shy and nervous - feeling awkward but is still interested. Try asking him to get together with you and see how that goes.

What does it mean when your crush knows you like them and they don't talk to you that much anymore because before they always talked to you?

That crush is probably feeling awkward or shy.

What is the feeling you have when you see your best guy friend go out with another girl?

Well it depends what you feel. It could be jealousy, uneasy, euphoric, content, or awkward.

Can Darvocet make you feel funny?

Yes. Absolutely. When I tried it it gave me a really nasty feeling I can't really explain. A sort of a restless feeling with a haze of nastyness around it. I switched over to oxycodon and it was way better

What word describes a person if they respond with possibly maybe and I'll let you know as an answer when you ask them someplace and they don't let you know either way?

A person who doesn't give a clear answer may be:indecisiveunsuresocially polite - attempting to be polite when they don't really want to go but cannot say itashamed - attempting to hide that they cannot say yes because their parents or family would not agree to let them gouncomfortable, feeling awkward - are socially withdrawn or don't feel comfortable in social situations

How do you tell a guy-friend you like him without that awkward feeling in the air?

hint at it as obviously as you can and you should be able to tell if he likes you too. if he's ignoring your hints then he doesn't return your feelings and it shouldn't be too awkward as you can pretend you never hinted anything.

How do I be gay without being awkward?

Just be yourself. You might, at first, want to make short visits to gay venues with gay friends to just see how gay folks interact. Just go order food or drinks at first. You might also want to study subjects such as assertiveness, self-esteem, etc., since being gay and feeling awkward is really no different than being straight and feeling awkward. Sure, the specifics will be different, but we are all humans, with the same overall needs and emotions.

If a guy is cross and awkward around you does it mean they are attracted to you?

yes, it probably means he is attracted to you. if you have the same feeling with him, just give him a sign to see what will happen next.

Advantages and disadvantages of face to face communication?

Advantages of face to face communication is that you can look at a persons body language in order to tell how they are feeling. Disadvantages is that it can be awkward sometimes.

Hands fall asleep?

Hands may fall asleep because of awkward positioning. Nerves may become compressed, which leads to the hands feeling numb and tingly.

What is the definition of uneasy?

Uneasy can be a feeling. When someone is feeling "uneasy" about something it can mean they are "nervous" or "on edge" about a situation. It can also mean "uncomfortable".

What do I do I agreed to go out with a guy but by the end of the day I didn't feel like I was ready to date anymore and started feeling really awkward around him?

Tell him your sorry but its not the right time.

If you liked someone and they knew then you said u dont like them anymore like that but it still feels akward what is that.?

That's normal, but to get over you just need to remember that it is only as awkward as you make. If you just act confident, and look him in the face when your around each other the awkward feeling will soon die out in both of you.

What symptoms does testophobia have?

- Feeling restless - Being unable to control body functions (such as uncontrollable urination) - Symptons of panic attacks - Palpatations (and sometimes chest discomfort) - Sweating - Tremors