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It is nearly impossible to do because usually men don't think to contest paternity, (she said I was the dad, she wouldn't lie), or they are unaware of the action against them and the time limit in which to contest paternity has passed. Even with about one third of kids having DNA tests turning out to NOT be the biological child of the man, once you are caught in the system even by default, you will pay. There are many cases of men having been picked seemingly at random, then not receiving notice of the pending action and having a default judgment against them. It's not until some time later when they discover that 50% of their paycheck has been garnished and it's too late to fight it. And even if by some miracle, the man is able to get the support stopped, he will NEVER be awarded a refund of money received by a woman. Because, it's not "in the child's best interest."

Answer also: Best thing you can do is find a legal representative and DEMAND a paternity test. I saw on the news a van was going around New York City a few years ago, "Who Is Your Daddy?" taking blood test to establish paternity for the very reason the question is posted.

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It depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. You must go through your family court system to legally dis-establish paternity. The difficulty of this type of action varies in different jurisdictions. You need expert advice from an attorney who specializes in family law in your particular jurisdiction and you need to act as soon as possible.

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Q: How can you stop paying child support after finding out the child is not yours?
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How can a child support order be canceled?

If the child is not yours the paying parents or if the amount of payment is too much.

If you are paying child support on a child and you aren't sure that the child is yours does the court have to do paternity testing before they can hold out support?

see related link

I married my son's father and he was paying child support what will happen?

now that you are married to the father of your child he doesn't pay child support but pays no gives more money to support yours and his child and running the household. good luck

Does the father have to pay child support if the mother gets medical coupons for the child?

The father is responsible for paying at least the state mandated minimum in support regardless of what type of income or assistance the mother has. That is considered her portion of support, child support is yours.

How can you get out of child support?

If the child is biologically yours you cannot get out of child support. Why would you not want to take care of your child? And if the isn't yours i think u should still treat it like it was yours!!

How old does your child have to be before you can stop paying child support in the state of Illinois?

it depends what the child support order says. Today they require a date on when it's supposed to end and if yours don't have that you can end up paying passed age 18. Read more in the link below.

Do you have to pay child support if you do not consider the child yours?

If the DNA test proves the child is yours you have to pay regardless of your feelings towards the child.

When you marry will you have to pay his child support?

no because it will still be his child, not yours.

Your ex girlfriend will not give you access to your daughter and will not undergo a DNA test?

Two choices. A): Get a lawyer. B): bribe her with child support money. If the kid is yours, legally you can't be denied rights if you're paying child support.

When filing for a divorce can the court make you pay child support for a child that's not yours?

If you have signed the birth certificate, then yes, that child is considered yours to support and claim. In some states, you can pay for that child if you provided support or let that child take on your name.

Do you have to pay child support if your x-wife gets married?

Yes! Your child is yours forever, they are not the ones getting married. The only way you will not be paying child support is if you sign away your rights and her new husband adopts your children. Is this really worth you never seeing your child again?

Do you still pay child support if you lose your job?

Yes. The child is still yours, and still needs support.

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