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talcum powder quietens creaky floorboards so it might just help with the hinge of your mobile phone. Please do not put talcum powder on your phone. By placing talcum powder on the phone, you will cause the warranty to be null and void. I used silicone spray lubricant on the hinge and it worked great. Obviously you have to be extremely careful not to get it on any other parts of phone or inside the phone. I used a "Q-tip" saturated with the silicone, and applied to the hinge, as I worked the hinge back and forth until the squeak was gone. Then I wiped off the excess. I thought it might affect the plastic, but it did not.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-20 06:50:01
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Q: How can you stop the creaking noise created by the plastic hinge of your flip cell phone?
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