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How can you stop the use of child soldiers?

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Yes, they do use child soldiers.

Warchild: Children: http://www.soschildren.orgCoalition To Stop The Use Of Child Soldiers: http:www.child-soldiers.orgHope this helps. ;D

Answer 1Libya does not use child soldiers but i do believe they agree with other countries for using child soldiers and i believe they have used child soldiers in the past.Answer 2It is unclear whether Libya uses child soldiers. During the Libyan Civil War in 2011, both Ghadhafi Loyalists and the Transitional Government Rebels used child soldiers with heavier child recruitment on the rebel side.

Most places where they have child labour.

Most countries use men for soldiers unless they are short. Then they will use older children for war.

why bother the child will stop when it want too/

Child soldiers are cheap to train and easy to control. If a leader can get past the moral and media issues, children make ideal soldiers.

We do not need child soldiers!

Yes Brazil does have child soldiers

by not buying the brands that use child slavery

Unfortunately, a number of countries use young children to fight their wars. But a growing number of people are speaking out and trying to help these children. Documentary film-makers Jason Russell and Laren Poole created the site "Invisible Children." They and their team use media to tell the stories of these children and to encourage people to help by raising funds to educate and counsel former child soldiers. There are also a growing number of human rights agencies that recognize this problem and are trying to rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers. Among the organizations doing this work are The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, the International Rescue Committee, and Amnesty International.

Is the child in the philippines are soldiers? some of the kids in the philippines are soldiers and they are born to be rebellion but some are not.

There are about 5% maoist child soldiers in Nepal.

No idea. Hope someone else helps you.

There is no real way to tell exactly how many child soldiers out there. This is because the forces that do employ child soldiers often don't let outsiders come in, or they hide a majority of their child soldiers away from view.Some sources (Everywoman) say that there are between 250,000 to 300,000 child soldiers in the world, as of current.

How many child soldiers are recruted every week?

There is no information available on child soldiers in Mexico, but it is expected there aren't that many of them. Mexico has adhered to the United Nations' Committee on the Rights of the Child, and has several laws that ban the use of children younger than 16 on any armed conflict; children at the age of 16-17 can enter the armed forces, but require a parental consent. The legal age of consent is of 18 in Mexico. See related links for some additional information.

Unethical countries, where people have no moral boundaries. Usually in LEDC's.

no you can not stop paying you stop paying when the child turns 18.

No, The Tamil Tigers never conscripted child soldiers. They have given basic training to all civilians in their areas, and have also had an age limit of 18 for soldiers. As proscribed by the UN the age of child soldiers is 17.

Many countries these days use children as soldiers; not just in Africa but almost in every continent. Somalia, Afghanistan, Burma, Bolivia and UK are just some of the nations that practice this.

1.Sponsor a child that works in factories 2.Post things on-line maybe on face book 3.get people to stop buying items from countries that use child labour

Child soldiers are used in hostile third world African countries and most of your Asian countries.

Some child labor slogans are: 1. Say no to child labor, and yes to education...... 2. Stop Child Labor 3. Be kind to a child: Stop Child Labor 4. Let a Child be a Child: Stop Child Labor

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