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It depends.If your hair is really thick it is normal for some of it to fall out. It happens all the time. If your hair is thin and it falls out a little that is fine too. If you are balding there is no way I know of to stop it from falling out. It's natural and cannot be stopped.


To stop hairs from falling out, we should first know about the reason behind the hair fall. One of the main reason behind the hair loss problem is dandruff. Dandruff can cause us unwanted hair hall and itching in scalp. Dandruff occurs due to dry,itchy and red scalp. We should use a shampoo which could solve the problem of dandruff as well as could treat our scalp. We should find out a solution which could provide the proper treatment to our scalp and make it healthy enough to hold existing hairs and could support new coming hairs.



If your hair is falling out due to Male Pattern Baldness ( MPB) then I would advise going to see your GP to either get a diagnosis or a referral to see a dermatologist.

There are two drugs on the market today what might help stop it or slow it down, one is called Propecia and the other Rogaine. Propecia is a pill and is a DHT blocker, DHT causes hair loss, Rogain is topical and stops hair loss also. Some say both work. Some say they don't.

I am currently going through hair loss and I am taking Propecia and my hair loss is slowing down a lot. But talk to your doctor. There could be other reasons you are losing your hair.

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Q: How can you stop your hair from falling out?
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Hair oil will not prebent hair from falling put. Hair loss is caused by a medical condition.

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vitamins. i forgot which kind but i think its vitamin k. it makes your hair grow too not just stop it from falling out. eating with a healthier, balanced diet can also help. Stress will make you bald! believe me !

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You know when your hair stops growing as soon as your hair starts falling out..... this is because your hair follicles start getting old or you have a disease!

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What can you take to stop your hair from falling out?

There are also prescription drugs you can get from your doctor that help prevent hair loss.

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