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How can you stop your husband from letting the woman he is cheating on you with see your daughter?

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April 23, 2005 8:53AM

This can be ordered from the court, but, if you also find someone to share your life with this could also apply to you, so be careful! If you feel this woman is HONESTLY a bad influence on your daughter then you must prove it in court. The same applies to your ex if you should find someone he disapproved of you seeing. If this woman is nice, then I think you fear she will steal away your daughter's affections from you. I think you feel threatened. Never fear, you will always be your daughter's mother and she loves YOU. Sorry, but that's the only way to go unless you can get full custody of your daughter. I wouldn't suggest this if she really wants to see her father as it's not fair to her. Both of you decided to split up for your own personal reasons, but all your daughter sees is "mom and dad" and no one can replace either of you. Time for both you and your husband to mature and think of your daughter and put your own emotions aside. Good luck Marcy