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There is no way to stop a menstrual period once it has started. The only time it stops is when there are health issues, pregnancy or Menopause.

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Q: How can you stop your period on the first day?
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When you start the depo shot for the first time on the third day of your period when will your period stop?

Your period may not stop because your on the 3rd day of your period.

Can minigynon stop your period if the does is doubled on your first period day?


Do a NuvaRing stop your period if it just came on?

NuvaRing may or may not stop your period if you insert it on the first day of bleeding.

If you take the pill when you start your period will it stop?

yes it will stop. i have taken the pill on my first day an its work

Is it normal to start your period And stop the same day?

Is it normal to start your period and stop the same day

Starting birth control on the first day of period stop the period?

Yes it can result in stopping your period but don't worry as this is perfectly normal.

Is there a way to stop your period for a day?


Should you count from the first day of your period to the first your next period for a cycle or from the last day of your period to the first day of the next?

You should count from the last day of your period to the first of your next.

How long does it take for your period to stop once you put your patch on?

Everyone is different but when I first put my patch on I had a normal 5 day period.

Will the patch stop your period if you put it on a day after you have your period?

If you put the patch on at day one of your period, you may stop your period or may have irregular bleeding. Since you started on day one, you'll have immediate protection from pregnancy.

When do you stop bleeding on your period?

Girls normally stop there period on the seventh day so you can mark on your calender when yoau got it and from the first day you get it you keep track on your calender and on the seventh day you should be done but you get it evey 28 days . (Keeping track is the easiest way to know when you startes and when you stop.)

Is it normal to get your period for one day stop then couple days later get it again for one day Or is it spotting or anything to do with pregnancy?

what can i drink to stop my period for one day

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