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Q: How can you study hamsters without hurting them?
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How do you kill your hamster without hurting him?

If you need to euthanize a hamster it's not recommended at all to do it at home. You should always go to a vet. Since hamsters are really small it's not expensive.

How do you break your arm without hurting in?

There is no way without hurting yourself because it will hurt

Can female hamsters hafe babies without male hamsters?


Is there a dog breed that can catch your hamsters whenever lost without hurting them?

I personally wouldn't try it because the dog could end up hurting the hamster unless you're sure that the dog has been properly socialised with hamsters from an early age and that it has no desire to hurt it even when you're not watching. The dog breed with the softest bite would be the Golden Retriever, so they're less likely to hurt the little rodent when putting it in their mouth.

Is it bad if your hamsters nipples are bleeding?

If the hamster is lactating, then you shouldn't worry about it, baby hamsters are born with teeth and they may be hurting her but it's going to be alright. If the hamster is not lactating then you should take it to the vet.

Why do you bruise whiteout actually hurting yourself?

Why do I bruise without actually hurting myself

Can you catch a rabbit without hurting it?


What overpowers you-without hurting you?


What overpowers you- without hurting you?


How do you tell a guy you dont like him without hurting him?

There's really no way to tell him without hurting him but just be completely honest he will move on in time

How do you tell a friend they are not invited to your party without hurting your feelings?

Lie saying that you have already invited to many people I don't think you can do that without hurting their feelings

What do you do if your hamsters are hurting each other very badly?

Just separate them, if you don't they'll end up kiling each other.

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How do you get out of an obligation without hurting their feelings?

Be honest.

What over-powers you without hurting you?


Can you brush your hair without it hurting?


Should you cut hamsters nails?

No, you should go to a vet, unless you can do it without cutting your hamsters foot.

What do inventors do?

Inventors think of things like something that can capture a bird without hurting it. Then they create those things, like cameras. You can take a picture of a bird without hurting it.

How can Peru benefit from its rain forests without hurting the global evnviroment?

Replacing diminished resources would allow them to benefit from rain forests without hurting the global environment.

Can hamsters give birth without mating?


Are dandelions good for hamsters?

It is not hurting the hamster so don't worry.According to google searches, it said that it won't get sick or something.Well,in fact they love it!

How to die without hurting yourself?


How do I pull out a tooth without it hurting?

Use anaesthetic

Why did mushrooms thrive without hurting the trees why did that happen?

Because it decomposes

What should you do to get rid of a married man who loves you without hurting his feeling?

its almost impossible to dump a guy without hurting their feelings you'll just have to tell him the truth and hope he doesnt get to upset.