How can you sue someone for breaking a company's contract if we now have no income and don't have any money to pay a lawyer and no lawyer will take it on contingency but say we have a great case?

Fact of the matter is, lawyers want money. you may "have a great case" or they could be psycologically motivating you to some how come up with some money for them to glance through your case and sooner or later they will ask for more money to continue doing more work on the case. but please don't give up because there are places like the better business bureau or the labor board. maybe you can start off with a civil claim and if it should rule in your favor it might be easier to get a lawyer after that. No matter what, if you feel something was unjust keep seeking representation because you are entitled to justice even IF you don't have any money. be aware of statute of limitations and start hitting the lawbooks yourself. if someone denies your claim ask for a reference of somewhere else. You may need to scrounge up $500 dollars for a high paid lawyer to consult you for an hour about your case. and if you really do have a good case there shouldn't be a problem getting it on contigency but sometimes you have to get the ball rolling yourself and invest in something you believe in. easier said then done. good luck.