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No guy is perfect and everyone has their faults. If he is generally good to you and hasn't done anything serious like cheating, hitting you, etc. then you should give him a fair chance. Make a list of his qualities and then list the things you don't like. Look at the whole picture. Are you just annoyed sometimes? Or are you unhappy? Are the things you don't like about him really that important?

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Q: How can you talk yourself into or out of breaking up with your boyfriend who is immature but makes you laugh and tells jokes that are sometimes hurtful but is very sweet at times and you love him?
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What do you do if your boyfriend found you cryingbecuse you thought he was going to dump you and he wasn't?

You need to discuss issues of trust first with yourself and then with your boyfriend. breakups do occur sometimes but to fear them too much is unnecessary. sometimes you partner can only help you understand yourself

How should I stop my boyfriend breaking up with me?

Try and know why he wants to leave. If the problem is from you, promise to change and work on yourself.

Does it mean anything if your boyfriend called you everyday except on Friday?

No way! it is fine. sometimes you need to have time for yourself. if your boyfriend has something wrong with that then explain to him that you need your space

What if your boyfriend asking you about your fantacy?

You don't have to tell him if you don't want to and if this is the case tell him you don't have one. Sometimes it is better to keep these to yourself.

My boyfriend always tell me that i am immature how will i convince my bf that I'm no longer a kid?

First of all, your boyfriend should NOt be telling you that stuff. If he really does like you then he will accept the way u ARE not tell you to change. Don't change for somebody else. If he will not accept you then the truth is you should be asking yourself why you got with him.

Why does your boyfriend look for other woman on the internet?

Your boyfriend should not be looking for other women on the Internet. Believe in yourself; have respect for yourself and know that you are in control of your life and how people treat you. Tell your boyfriend you are not putting up with his behavior regarding talking to other women on the Internet and if he says they are just friends then tell him he would have a better relationship with you if he spent that time on the Internet with other woman and spent it on you. If he does not stop then realize he is immature; flirtatious and not the one for you. You deserve better.

What does it mean when you think a boy actually likes you but then his friends start to join also Do they just want to mess with your emotions?

Boys can be immature sometimes. If you want to know if a boy likes you, just ask him yourself.

What should you do if your virtual boyfriend dumps you?

go out and get yourself a real boyfriend

How do you stop being jealous with your friends boyfriend?

Get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend.

How do you cope when your best friend is divorcing me?

It may feel like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend when your best friend breaks up with you. It is best to surround yourself with supportive people to cope.

What should I do if I have broken up with my boyfriend I regret it and he's moving in 4 days?

Consider how you feel about him, many people regret breaking up with someone, but it all depends on what you want for yourself

How do you get someone you like to be your boyfriend?

-Be yourself.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you still like your ex boyfriend?

You Try as much as you can to get over him,commit yourself to your new Boyfriend.

How do you keep yourself busy when your boyfriend is out of town?

Do to yourself what he would normally do to you.

How do you ask your ex boyfriend about breaking up with your new boyfriend?

You don't. You shouldn't be asking any advice from an ex that concerns anything to do with your current boyfriend let alone be talking to him in the first place. If you are going to break up with someone be upfront, staight forward, polite and honest. Then you should think about taking time for yourself and sorting out your feelings whilst giving yourself some distance from both ex's.

I get so horney around my boyfriend even in public places and I try to control yourself but I cant then sometimes I start to moan uncontrollably is this slutty in 15?


What should someone do if they like their boyfriend a little bit but like someone else more and they know they will never go out with that person?

It's unfair to your present boyfriend and only proves that he's not the one and you're too young or immature to have a serious relationship so you should cut yourself some slack, tell your present boyfriend you don't want to go steady and strike out on your own. Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire by finding another boyfriend. Learn about yourself, your strengths and weakness, and go out with girlfriends more often. Take it slow and easy.

How do you make your boyfriend feel sorry for breaking your heart?

Get revenge. Make yourself become the person who you want to be and show off how much better he would have gotten if he wasnt a lying/cheating bastard.

How do you overcome being nervous around your boyfriend?

Be yourself, and dont be nervous because hopefully your boyfriend wont care how you act as long as your yourself:)

Songs about cutting yourself or about cutting yourself because of your boyfriend?

Cut By Plumb

Do it yourself gift for my boyfriend?

quick wristy

How to impress your boyfriend relatives?

Just be yourself!

Boyfriend says he loves you?

Figure it out yourself

How should you act around your boyfriend?

be yourself!

How do you get wetter?

Play with yourself thinking about my boyfriend.