How can you teach your adult lab to swim?

Make water fun! Is he toy motivated? If so, get him very interested in the toy and then toss it into water that only goes up to his lower legs if that. Most dogs will do into that. Another way is for you to wade out into water maybe up to you knees and then call to your dog. If he comes to you, give him a cookie and praise. Also, every time he touches water (with the exception of drinking it) praise, play, or give a cookie. Now, that'll have most dogs okay with water they can stand in after a while. If you want him to swim as in not touching any ground, that's a little harder. What I would do may seem cruel but honestly it's not. Get the dog on a leash, and simply go into a pool holding the end of it. Most dogs that don't like water will not follow, or won't go past the steps. Put pressure on the leash. If he doesn't swim off the steps, go back, feed a cookie and then swim out again. Say "George, come!" Or whatever the dog's name is. Then, you need to pull the dog *gently* into the water if he still doesn't come. Once he is in, give him a cookie and praise. Wait until he stops thrashing and then let him climb out. Do the entire process again. It's a lot of work, but this will work over time with almost any dog.