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Your cat has to earn your trust first. So give it lots of love! Then start slowly. Start with some thing really easy like jumping up, then just keep taking it slow, then eventually your cat will get the hang of it. But you just have to have patience, and it may take time but some pets do catch on to it pretty fast so as I said just take it slow and then you will have a home trained cat.


You can also teach your pet to be potty trained

Leave the litter box on the toilet and show it to your cat then after awhile then you take it away it worked for my cat

A good way to get cats to learn tricks is to start when they are young.


You can teach your cat to jump through a hoop.

First your cat needs to learn to take small pieces of food form your hand and eat them.

Next put two chairs or stools close together where it is just a step over, about 6 inches. Hold up a piece of food and get the cat to step over to get it. Every day move the stools a little bit farther apart so the cat jumps over to the other stool. This is easy. It just takes a little time. After you have done this, next hold a large hoop up real close to the cat so the cat will hardly notice it. Get the cat to do the jumps over to the other stool through the hoop. Then gradually move the hoop to the center between the two stools. Eventually the cat will see the hoop as a signal to jump. You hold up the hoop and the cat jumps. People will say, Wow what a smart cat.


Well, first of all, you have to realize why it's so difficult for Kittens/Cats to learn tricks like dogs can. Dogs see humans as either equals or superiors, the Human has HIS dog. While we humans see that the Dog is ours and the dog doesn't mind, the feline companions see us as THEIR humans. We don't own them, they own us. With that sort of mentality, would YOU listen to someone?

What you want to do is (this is best started as a baby kitten), as the first answerer stated, earn their trust and love. If a cat doesn't trust/love you, it won't go near you, and it's pretty hard to teach a cat a trick from a distance.

Second, you want to make sure that you have LOTS of treats to spread out over weeks (yes, it will be weeks, most likely months) of training. Petting works great, but nothing takes the place of a good ol' shrimp flavored treat.

The basics of teaching a cat a trick are the same as teaching a dog a trick, only it's much easier to earn a dog's trust, depending on how old it is. People often think that Cat's aren't smart like dogs, therefor they don't do tricks, but really, cat's are just as smart, if not smarter than dogs, it's their mentality towards you that people don't understand.

As I said, that basics are the same, show the feline friend how to do something, and if she does it right, award her. If she does it wrong, don't threaten her or scold her, just try to get her to attempt it again. It may take a few tries, but once she learns that if she does something, she gets a treat, it'll start getting easier.

For commands like shake and jump and lie down and roll over, it's just like dogs as well, you have to say the command AS you are showing them how to do it, over and over. If they do it right, reward them, if not, don't get mad. If an animal senses you are mad, they will either go away and mope or get aggressive themselves. Both of those are situations that you SERIOUSLY want to avoid.

Patience is a virtue and you have to be VERY virtuous to teach a cat any trick at all. I know it seems like you can't teach cat's tricks, but you can, it's just much harder than it is on a dog, so most people think it can't be done.

My kitten (a year and a half old), can shake, open my curtains and pretend to be dead (the last one was me trying to teach her to rollover but I gave up because that's as good as I could get it, so if I say roll over, she gets on her back and stares at me waiting to get her tummy-rubbed, if you can get this down, good-on-you).

Just keep trying and eventually you will get it.

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Q: How can you teach your cat to do tricks?
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