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How can you tell a girl you like her?


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You have to tell it to her slowly. If you just walk up to her and say "Hi, I really like you" you'll just embarrass yourself. Start off with "Hi, how are you?" Then move on to "So, what do you like?" and then "You look nice today" Finally, if you fell confident, you can say "Your probably going to walk away after I've said this, but I really like you" or something like that XD I hope I've helped. Good luck!


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yup i want to tell a girl that i like her

tell her the truth, tell her what you like about her

tell them you like them do not be afraid to tell them

that depends on the girl

you can tell if a girl likes you if she is realy nice to you

if your friend is a girl and your a boy you tell them that you know someone likes likes you and she asks who say "i cant tell you." and then the next day tell her you like her. if your a girl telling a boy that same thing. if your a girl taking to a girl tell them you are like a sister or brother to each other or something like that

If you cant tell the girl directly that you like her simply look into her eyes evrytime and she will get the message

You find a girl and tell her "you like her in a very cute way".

You should tell her how you feel!!!

Just tell them I like you as a friend.

its harder for a boy to tell if a girl likes him

if i was you i would just tell your best friend to go and tell this girl that you like her,oh and i'd tell her maybe at recess, if you still have recess.

Tell her why you like her.(her personality that you like) Tell her what is in your heart. Good Luck!

All you have to do is tell her you like her, but don't tell her.

AnswerJust tell the truth. Go right out and tell her that you like her.

Just tell her you like her... easy x

tell her face-to-face and maybe she will like you

When I was eight boys told girls they liked them by asking thr friends to tell the girl for them. So you can get one of your guyfriends to tell that girl you like her. Or you can jst tell her yourself. My friend wen she was eight had her first boyfriend so you tell that girl you like her! Hope this helps!

simple! tell her you like her! simple! tell her you like her!

you just have to tell her that you love her

If you truly like her then tell her why.

Tell them if you like the girl tell them if you dont you will be miserable if you dont!

To get a girl to tell you she likes you, you have to make her KNOW that you like her. If you don't she might feel too insecure to tell you.

it depends on the girl, like if she like bold then just tell her you like her if she like nice then be her bff and ease your way into bf.

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