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There is only one way to find out and since he hasn't ask you out and if he's flirting constantly with you then ask him out. The worst thing that can happen is he'll so no, and most of us have had a little rejection in life. If you really like him then it's worth the risk. Don't go through your life on "what ifs." Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-03-10 18:45:30
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Q: How can you tell a guy likes you if he seems naturally flirty and shy?
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How do you tell if a flirty guy likes you?

You can prove this if he approaches you, strikes a conversation. Buys gifts or ask for a date.

How do you tell if a boy likes you but is nice to other girls and is really hard to tell who he likes how do you tell btw 6 grade?

Get his number, ask general questions and figure out if he likes just you, or if he is flirty. You can also try to see if he is interested in hanging out with you.

What does it mean when a guy you like flirt with you a lot even though he says he doesnt?

Either he likes you. Or he's just flirting to tease you. Either that, or he's naturally flirty and he doesn't realise it. It's hard to tell with guys sometimes :/

How do you tell if a guy likes one girl instead of the other?

This guy will either be really rude to one person or flirty with them

How to tell if a guy likes you on text?

well he will be flirty but in easier terms he will keep texting you even if his friends or girlfriend tells him not to

I like a guy that has a girlfriend but you can tell he likes me what do i do?

Walk away. If he is unfaithful to her, chances are he will be unfaitful to you too. Well if you can tell he likes. you just go talk to him and dnt be afraid to be urself oh also be little flirty

How can you tell if a guy likes you when he texts you?

well his text will either be pretty flirty or he will be kinda mean or maybe he doesn't like u?????????

What does it mean when a girl calls a guy her best friend?

it means that she is too scared to tell him how she really feels. She actually likes him and she doesn't know how to deliver her feelings. If the girl seems to act flirty with the guy then she definitely likes him. But otherwise she may just be telling the truth. Women are deceiving-so u must be careful ;)

How can you tell if a guy likes you if he just naturally likes to hang out with girls more than guys?

* * * * the guy will stalk you..... ♥♥- lt (:

How do you tell a guy which i have feels on him while he seems likes me as well?

Just tell him directly. There's no harm if you tell him personally. If you like him and you think he likes you then what's to ask. It is just a matter of courage on how to tell what you feel for each other.

What does it mean when you tell a guy you like him and he doesn't say anything but he shows you all the signs that he likes you back?

he might be to shy to shy to tell you the way he feels or that's the way he always acts-flirty

If you see this boy a year above you and he looks at you a lot and you walk past him a bit and you like him what do you do to see if he likes you?

next time you see him staring, come up with something flirty to say and guage his reaction. You will be able to tell if he likes you or not.

How can you tell another female wants your man?

She is flirty with him

How do you tell if a girl knows you like her?

She might be a little more flirty or awkward around you, depending on how she feels about you. You really want to know if she likes you though, right? Try asking her!

What should you do if you are sure your crush likes you but it also seems like he likes another girl?

maybe tell him you like him like i did and he might say he likes you back like mine said to me

How do you tell if a flirty guy likes you or if hes just being a flirt?

if he likes u he'll be a flirt with other girls but will respect you. What do you mean by respect? BTW I'm not a pretty girl at all so that gives me even less chance with him.

How can you tell if your doctor has a crush on you?

if he smiles at you , ask you flirty things !

What are some signs that a sixth grade boy likes you?

If you catch him staring, and when you do he quickly looks away/blushes. If when you talk to him he blushes or seems nervousIf his friends tell you he likes you

How can you tell if a naturally flirty guy who flirts with everyone has a crush on you?

That's a tricky one... I guess you've got to watch out for the more intimate kinds of flirtation, like prolonged touches of the hand and increased, prolonged eye contact. I have a few guy friends who are really flirty, but you can always tell when they like a girl, because they are more tactile with her and a lot gentler with the way they flirt. Hope that helps!

How can i tell if a girl likes me through her body language?

She smiles at you when she looks at you, and she also seems to want to see you again beyond what she HAS to do.

How does Joe Jonas let a girl knows that he likes her?

He likes girls that are funny, flirty like him and girls that don't try to impress him. Hope that helps! I read somewhere that when he likes a girl, he gives them lots of hugs to let them know they're special. I've also read that you can tell by when he smiles and stares at you a lot.

What do you do if a boy you like has a girlfriends but seem to like you?

All you have to do is calm down and tell him how you feel, cuz if it seems like he likes you, he wont laugh when you tell him:) GOOD LUCK

Is Dolph Lundgren naturally blonde?

Hard to tell, a karate book from the early 80s show pictures of him who seems to sport darker hair.

I am really good friends with this girl sometimes it seems like she doesn't like me and sometimes it seems like does like me how can i tell if she likes me or not?

Friendship should be based firmly in honesty. Ask.

How can you tell when he likes you?

Well if he seems to always want to be by you or wants to talk to you he likes you or if he constantly stares at you like look look sometimes he will not act like like it so good luck