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How can you tell a male pigeon from a female?


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A male pigon is darker then a female pigon!


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You can tell if a pigeon is male or female by looking at the size.

The Funtail female pigeon face and height is smaller than the male funtail pigeon.

Male piegon is always bigger and female is always smaller.

Both male and female pigeons look after their babys.

They both look alike, so you can't tell the difference.

A male pigeon is a cock and a female pigeon is a hen.

A male pigeon is a cock and a female pigeon is a hen.

the male is biger than the female.

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The noun for a male pigeon is cock. The noun for a female pigeon is hen.

Female birds do not need male birds to lay eggs, they need them to lay fertile eggs.

hi i was woundering how to call a homing pigeon

no, yes it just wont be fetrilized

.the male is slightly smaller than the female also the male pigeons chest is a light grey where as the female pigeon has a sort of purpley chest and is quite fat. hope this helps ellie cooke

Most of the time they differentiate gender when they breed. Sometimes, some Pigeon breeders could differentiate gender of his pigeons by eye most of the time. But sometimes a pigeon that they though to be a female, came out to be a male.

the sound of it and if it slides its tail on the ground it a male

The female pigeons it is smaller in size their wattles are smaller her beak is thinner the size of her head is smaller and does not display very often as the male pigeon does . The male pigeon is always displaying at his or other female pigeons ,his head is larger ,his wattles are larger and his size as a bird is larger then a female pigeon .When displaying a male pigeon will always make little circles and very often will open his tale sideways and pushing it in to the ground on the same time .

A Female pigeon is called a hen, just like the male is called a cock. Sometimes depending on the species of bird the names vary.

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you can tell a male turkey by its tale the male has a bigger tale then the female

the male pigeon makes a noise something like this: "ba ba ba boo boo" (i know, its weird) and the male slides its tale on the ground.

Pigeon eggs are fertilized internally after an adult male and female mate. The female then lays the eggs and the embryos continue to develop outside of her body.

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