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Don't even think about it! You should not wonder or even tempt yourself with the idea. In one state, a wife sued the mistress and won a lot of money. If he and you are spending time together and it looks like a relationship could result, then it is time to separate from him. "Out of sight, out of mind" is the motto you should go by with a married man. It only means trouble and he will never be able to commit 100% and an affair ALWAYS turns into deeper feelings even if it began as physical only.

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Q: How can you tell a married man likes you or is attracted to you even though you know it's wrong?
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Is it wrong to like someone older?

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone older then you. If you are a teenager who likes someone in there 20's then there may be a problem. You can really be attracted to anyone no matter how old, you should still date people who are your age though.

Is it wrong to be attracted to old men?

Nope. It's kinda weird, though.

Is it wrong to be attracted to someone if you are married but already separated?

no Attracted? No. Acting upon that attraction, perhaps. The fact that you are asking presumes you feel some guilt. That alone could be enough to indicate it is wrong for you.

Im married and im attracted to my husbands friend?

Don't do it, cheating and being unfaithful is wrong as marriage is sacred.

Is it wrong for a Muslim to be attracted to a girl's clean barefoot?

Yes, it is sinful to be sexually attracted to a girl that is not your wife that is licitly married to you. Per Islam religion, gazing is forbidden at girls; or at any body part of a girl; that is not your licitly married wife.

Is it not wrong to get attracted to other known females after being married for 14 years and loose them subsequently?

I don't believe it's ever wrong to be attracted to someone, whether you are married or single. It is wrong to act on the attraction when you are married. The easiest way to decide if your behavior might be inappropriate is to ask yourself how you would feel if your wife acted the same way with other men. Is it wrong for her to be attracted to other men and how would you feel if she acted on the attraction? Would it be wrong for her to tell another man she found him attractive? How would you feel if she started dating other men while she is married to you? Most men would not stay married for long if their wife behaved this way, a woman should not be expected to stay with a man who behaved this way either.

How do you know that gays and lesbians aren't gay and it's just that straight people are attracted to the wrong sex?

No one can be attracted to the wrong sex because there is no such thing as the wrong sex. If someone is attracted to the same sex, they are gay. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

What if you attracted to the wrong guys?

What if you attracted to the wrong guys. There are alot guys who are attracted to me. But I always seem to fall for the young and smooth guys. What am I supposed to do, because when a relationship is too predictable, I seem to get bored easily.

How do you know if a married man is attracted to you?

The only true way you will know if a married man is attracted to you is if he asks you out for a drink or comes right out and asks you out on a date. It would be foolish of you to think you are anything special to him if he does ask you out on a date because there are most likely other women he has asked out or will ask out in the future. Dating a married man does nothing for your self respect and is simply wrong. Some married men are just nice and friendly with no plans on asking that person out and doesn't necessarily mean they are attracted to you.

Is kym Johnson married?

I think she is married to the singer Jack johnson.... I might be wrong though ;) different person btw no she isnt she is single sadly :(

Are girls attracted to men?

Young girls are definitely attracted to older men but it is completely wrong for an older man to be attracted to a young girl.

Is it wrong to be sexually attracted to older women?

Actually, it's not wrong to be. Most men are attracted to older women because they are more experienced about life, relations, etc. But for whatever reason, it's not wrong to be :)

Is it wrong for your doctor to be attracted to you?

no. he/she took the oath of hippocrate.

Does Justin Bieber like girls named Zoe?

I'm sure the young man likes girls regardless of their name. I could be wrong, though.

If a girl likes to see other girl or women breast is wrong?

that's not wrong at all! as long as she also likes men

What does it mean when the wrong guys are attracted to a girl?

it may mean that the girl is attracting the wrong type herself by what she is doing/saying or wearing. generally guys are attracted at first by the way the girl looks and if she is sending the wrong messages then the wrong guys will notice her more than the right guy

I am 16 and attracted to my beautiful 13 year old sister please tell you is this wrong and should I make any moves?

Yes it is wrong. You are probably not attracted to her, but to her personality and/ or looks. Do not make any moves.

Why is it there have a gay in the world?

There are people in the world that are attracted to the same sex. And I completely support it, even though I am not gay myself. Gay marriage should be allowed worldwide, I don't think there it anything wrong with it.

How many sexualities are there?

There are many sexualities. Not all are offical, but here are some. List of Sexualities! · Homosexuality-being attracted to the same sex. · Heterosexuality-being attracted to the opposite sex. · Bisexuality-being attracted to both sexes. · Pansexuality-has no preference; gender is not important (also known as polisexuality and omnisexuality.) · Objectumsexuality-being attracted to inanimate objects. · Zoosexuality-being attracted to animals. · Glamsexuality-being attracted to people with a high level of glamour. · Trisexuality-being attracted to the opposite sex, same sex and animals. · Pomosexuality-just has attraction, is not labeled as a sexuality. · Sapiosexuality-being attracted to people with a high level of intelligence. · Asexuality-being attracted to nothing; no-one. · Autosexuality-being attracted to oneself. · Bicuriosity-being straight, but likes the same sex on the side. · Pedosexuality-being attracted to prepubescent children. · Androsexuality-being attracted to older people. · Gynesexuality-being attracted to older women. · Sociosexuality-to only be attracted without love involved. · Sadosexuality-being attracted to only painful sexual activities. · Ehsexuality-being only attracted to Canadians. · Buysexuality-being attracted to shopping as a sexuality. · Transsexuality-feeling in the wrong gender so therefore likes the same gender. · Genderqueer-feels as if they are man and woman, or a third sex.

Is it wrong for a married man to explore his bisexual fantasies?

If you are married and cheats, no matter with what gender, yes of course that is wrong!

Why did bhakti movement attracted women?

i hope its coz of yoga...:( noo its wrong..

Is it wrong to like an older married woman?

It is not wrong to like her, but since she is married it would be wrong to act on it. Show respect for her marriage vows and keep your romantic feelings for her to yourself. It is better to try to 'get over it' so you can move on to feeling attracted to someone who is at least available. If you continually find yourself attracted to unavailable people(or inappropriate, such as your doctor) this MAY be a sign that you deep down do not really want to be in a relationship for some hidden reason. This would be a good subject to take up in therapy. Often discovering the nature of the problem and its derivation may take you a long way toward a solution.

How do you tell if she likes?

If she likes you, it should be pretty obvious. Some signs are staring at you, smiling at you, talking to you a lot, or laughing a lot around you. Don't get the wrong idea though, because some of these signs may just mean you are very good friends.

Are you gay if you play with yourself?

No, not necessarily. It is normal to masturbate because it feels good. There is nothing wrong with masturbating. It is a normal, God-given way to relive yourself of stress due to your sex drive before you are married or while you are not married. Or after you're married. You are gay if you are sexually and/or romantically attracted to the same sex. That is the only way you can know.

Why are gay men attracted to feminine men?

This question is very wrong, I myself am gay and there are many straight very masculine men I am very attracted to. But some gay men like feminine men because that's what they are attracted to, everyone is attracted to different people.