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How can you tell a turn signal flasher is out in 92 Honda Accord?

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the turn signals will not work

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Can a rear bumper off a Honda Accord 1994 fit a 1997 Honda Accord?

Possibly, as they are the same generaion. Compare them yourself and you should be able to tell if they are the same.

How to tell the oil level in a 1993 Honda Accord?

You pour into the valve cover.

How do you change a throttle cable on a 1989 Honda Accord LX?

please tell me

If a 1995 Honda Accord EX has no front interior console cover how do you tell what the lights indicate?

why do the back lights stay on when the car is off and the brake release is checked on a 1994 Honda accord

Can you tell me where the flasher is for the turn signal on a 1999 Chevy Venture van.?

On your 1999 Chevrolet Venture, the Flasher is located: Below the instrument panel, left of the steering column.

Where is the signal light flasher for 1993 Chevy Cavalier located?

Look in the fuse box. It is usually a round looking or square block. On the fuse box panel when you pull it off it should tell you where the signal flasher is located in the box.

1995 Chrysler Concorde flashers and 4 ways dont work?

Sounds like your signal flasher went out. Refer to your owners manual and look in the back glossary for anything with the words signal, flasher, and hazard. It should tell you where and how to replace this item.

What size battery for a 2005 Honda accord?

Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct size to purchase.

What size battery for 2008 Honda Accord?

Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct size to buy.

What kind of trassmicion oil needs 94 Honda accord?

If it is an automatic use only genuine Honda ATF. If it is a manual transmission call you local Honda dealer and they will be glad to tell you.

Where are the turn signal flashers located on a 1996 Cadillac Deville?

Tell me where the turn signal flasher is on a 1996 Sedan DeVille. It is behind the panel right above the headlight switch

Honda accord 1999 CD player password?

It depends on your vin number the Honda place should be able to tell you for like 20 bucks or so

How can you tell if the transmission control unit is bad on a 92 Honda Accord?

The car doesn't want to shift properly.

What is the average mileage of a Honda Accord?

Can't tell you the average, but my 87 LXi has 230000 0n it and runs perfectly.

What kind of battery do you need for 1999 Honda accord?

Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct size you need.

Where is the Mass Air Flow sensor located on the 1997 Honda Accord?

The mass air flow sensor tell the ECU what the proper air fuel mixture is needed. It is located behind the air intake manifold on a 1997 Honda Accord.

What type of transmission fluid for a 2002 4cyl Honda Accord?

Look in your owners manual it should tell you in there. If you don't have one just call your Honda dealer and ask them. Usually they will tell you unless they are mad or something.

How many quarts of oil does a1989 Honda Accord take?

on my 1988 honda accord it takes 3.5 quarts. if u wanna know for sure call any advanced auto parts and tell them what vehicle you have and ask them u need to know how many quarts of oil your car takes and they can tell you

What is the radio code for an 03 accord?

No one can tell you this code for free but Honda will tell you what it is free of charge. Just click the link I will post and register your Honda on the Honda Owners Link. Once you do that you will be able to get the code with your VIN #, phone #, and serial # off there radio. The instructions will tell you how to find the serial #.

How you know if your 1999 Honda accord 2 door is a dx or ex?

If it has a sunroof it is an EX. The title will also tell you what model it is.

How do you tell when a water pump is bad on a 1991 Honda accord?

It makes alot of noise and overheats, leaks out of bottom of pump

What kind of battery does a 1990 Honda accord take?

Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct size battery you need.

What does a wrench light mean on 2012 Honda Accord?

It means there is scheduled maintenance required. Your owners manual will tell you what is needed.

How can you tell if the rotors on my 2001 4cy accord are pressed on?

If the rotor of the 2001 Honda Accord will does not have mounting hardware it is pressed on. To remove these types of rotors the caliper will have to be unmounted. The rotor will then come off.

What type of battery is needed for Honda Accord?

Any brand of battery that will fit. All battery manfactures make a battery for your Accord. Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct model.