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How can you tell approximatly how far along you are in your pregnancy without going to the doctor?

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2007-05-11 11:23:10

If you have had positive pregnancy tests GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Babies (and their moms) don't do well with no or little prenatal

treatment! On second hand if you are pondering if you are pregnant

or something of that nature.. you can go by the time of conception

if you know when it was and just count it up. Or you can go from

your last period. Most women conceive / are fertile from about

10-14 days after the first daay of their last period. So if you

count it that way you should be pretty accurate. Despite the 9

months cliche' a pregnancy actually lasts for 40 weeks or 280 days

which turns out to be 10 months but since there are 5 weeks in some

of the months the duration of the 40 weeks is stretched over 9

months. If you don't want to calculate it yourself go to any of the

baby web sites such as baby center or baby zone and they have

pregnancy calculators.... you just have to know your due date or

time you conceived. It also gives you week by week pregnancy info

on you, your body, and your baby's health and development! Hope

this helps! Pam

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