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If you have had positive pregnancy tests GO TO THE DOCTOR! Babies (and their moms) don't do well with no or little prenatal treatment! On second hand if you are pondering if you are pregnant or something of that nature.. you can go by the time of conception if you know when it was and just count it up. Or you can go from your last period. Most women conceive / are fertile from about 10-14 days after the first daay of their last period. So if you count it that way you should be pretty accurate. Despite the 9 months cliche' a pregnancy actually lasts for 40 weeks or 280 days which turns out to be 10 months but since there are 5 weeks in some of the months the duration of the 40 weeks is stretched over 9 months. If you don't want to calculate it yourself go to any of the baby web sites such as baby center or baby zone and they have pregnancy calculators.... you just have to know your due date or time you conceived. It also gives you week by week pregnancy info on you, your body, and your baby's health and development! Hope this helps! Pam

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Q: How can you tell approximatly how far along you are in your pregnancy without going to the doctor?
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Mucus and pregnancy?

if you are far along in your pregnancy mucus is normal.. nasty but normal if your not to far along contact your doctor

How can one find out how far along they are in their pregnancy?

One can find out how far along they are in their pregnancy by consulting their doctor. A doctor can determine when the baby was conceived, and therefore how long it has been alive.

How do you kill a pregnancy?

By going to a doctor and have an abortion. The method depends on how far along you are and your health.

How do you terminate pregnancy once it is confirmed?

By medicine or surgery. The doctor will decide based on how far along you are.

When the doctor tells you how far along in pregnancy you are is he correct?

Majority of the time but a ultrasound is very accurately

I am about 6 weeks along and had some lower back pain without bleeding about a week ago and am wondering if this could be a sign of miscarriage or just early pregnancy symptoms?

Probably just early pregnancy symptoms, but if you're worried see the doctor.

How do you determine how far along your pregnancy is?

When you go to the doctor they will give you a vaginal ultrasound where you can see the baby and they measure it and based on that they can tell you how far along you are.

After pregnancy test is positive can you abort the child?

A doctor have to determine how far along you are and what method to use but yes you can.

Can a blood pregnancy test tell you how far along you are?

Yes they can or you can go to the doctor and they will be able to tell you for sure

What if the doctor said you miscarried but you didnt have any pains is that normal?

It is possible, especially if you were not very far along with your pregnancy.

Is it safe to have ferrous calcium citrate along with calcium carbonate during pregnancy?

You should ask your doctor this question.

How far along in the pregnancy do you have to be to get a DNA test?

Your baby would get the DNA test for paternity after it is born. If you are at risk for a genetic defect, then your doctor would discuss that with you during your pregnancy.

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