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It depends on how old the two of you are. Guys from 10 - 16 sometimes can be shy about relationships and fear being teased by their male peers, so they may care about a girl, but will deny any romantic feelings for her around his male peers. On the other hand if he has not asked you out on a date, then you have two directions to go: Find out the truth by asking him out and realize at the time he could well say no. Most of us have been rejected through our lives and will be many times over in the future and although no one likes that feeling we have to be mature to realize that not everyone we love or want to be friends with will want to reciprocate. The other option is to walk away from this guy and start dating other guys. You just never know, it may make him feel he's missing out and he may ask you out, but if he doesn't don't feel too bad and enjoy the guys you are dating and just have fun. Youth flies by so quickly.

2007-12-09 23:22:41
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Q: How can you tell for sure that your crush likes you when he tells everyone he doesn't?
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What do you do If your crush tells your brother he likes you?

that is lucky for you then! now you know your crush likes you back!

If a guy tells you that he likes talking with you does that mean he has a crush on you or he really likes you?


What if the friend of your crush tells you that you crush likes you?

Be sure that it's a friend you can trust.

If a guy tells you that he likes your lips and they aren't going out does that mean he likes you?

it doesnt mean he likes you.

What does it mean if your crush tells your friend that he thinks your cute?

It means he likes you.

What should you tell your friend to tell your crush when she tells him you like him?

Have her play it cool... have her ask if your crush likes anyone. If he doesnt, then have her mention you. Ask him if you two are friends, then have your middleman say that you like him. Usually this is the best way to get a guy... trust me :)

What does it mean when a man says I have a crush on you?

Simple, he likes you. Maybe there's something about you that is unique or something that makes him smile. That's why when a guy tells you that he has crush on you, then he likes you.

If a guy tells you he likes chatting with you online does that mean he has a crush on you?

haahahhahha are you joking ... ? no

What if a guy likes you and tells your friend he doesnt like you?

If he told you he likes you and told her he doesnt, he is probably a loser and trying to hook up with both of you. Dont waste your time on him.

What does it mean when your crush tells you he knows you like him and he smiles when he tells you What is that mean?

He likes you back!! He knows and if he flirts he is head over heels for you!!

If a guy tells his friend he likes you but then tells you he doesnt what does it mean?

i means he is 2 shy 2 tell u he like u

What does it mean when a boy tells everyone you like him?

Hes proud about it...and maybe he likes you ;)

What does it mean when a girl says she doesnt know if she likes you?

she does but is to shy to tell you . and she is not sure what you will say or do if she tells you...

What if a girl tells others she likes you but avoids you?

Im a girl and I tend to do that because im nervous around my crush. If you know she likes you and you like her ask her out.

How should you respond when your crush tells you he likes you?

how is this a hard one? IF YOUR CRUSH SAYS HE LIKES YOU ITS A GOOD THING1 TELL HIM YOU LIKE HIM TOO. GO OUT, MAKE BABIES, ETC. Respond with the same thing; you like him too.

What does it mean when a guy is shaking when a girl tells them that they like them?

he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad

If a guy tells you he likes you then tell someone else he doesnt?

Don't date him. If he's embarrased to say that he likes you, it's not worth it. -ShanzyC:)

What does it mean when a guy tells everyone he likes you?

simply that he wants you to be mad about it or he wants to let everyone know how much he cares about you

What to do when a friend tells the guy that your other friend likes that the other friend has a crush on him?

Get annoyed. She/he wasn't supposed to tell

How do you know if your guy friend has a crush on you and you have a crush on him too?

you know that he likes you if he is always making you laugh and being nice to know if you like him because you laugh at him and get a weird feeling when you are next to him or when he tells you that you that he likes you and you can stop thinking about him.

What does a guy mean when he tells a girl he's always liked her?

Most of the time when a guy tells a girl he has always liked he means that he likes to be around her, likes her personality, and likes her as a good friend. Sometimes a guy could mean that he has had a crush on her and has wanted her to be his girlfriend.

How do you talk to your crush when you and your crush didn't even talk to each other before but your friend hated your crush?

if your friend hates your crush its simple you first start talking to your crush once you get the point when you can ask your crush to do something you ask if he or she will be more nice to your friend say sorry for what he did ect. if he or she doesnt then that tells you something about a guy or girl and its how he or she will treat you if he or she simply doesnt care that shows he could really care less about your friend you know something is wrong and the relationship simply doesnt work.

What if your crush says he likes you but then he always tells you about girls he thinks are hot or shows you girls that like him?

dump him hes abouviesly cheating

What do you do if your friend tells your crush you like him and then even though your crush says he doesnt like you your friend says you should get a hotel room?

treat it like a joke and laugh along get him to lke u hth

What do you do when you love a guy but he's already in a relationship everyone tells you is not going to last and everyone already lets you know he likes you too?

Wait for it to end...